i use youtube a lot. i watch all kinds of different vids. lectures, music, foodie stuff, science/math, tutorials, unboxings, nature, vidgames, etc.

i haven't been recommended anything extremist or terribly shitty. ever. and it's obviously a problem others are experiencing, which makes me wonder why im not getting it personally.


is my profile so refined from using google products over the years? is it because my interests are so varied there's plenty of non-extremist stuff to choose from? is it my aggressive adblocking?

wish i knew how it worked. i've never attempted to train their algorithms manually. i don't really use the thumbs up or down. don't tell them when something disinterests me, just ignore it.

or maybe I actually have been shown shitty content and my brain filtered it out. guess that's always a possibility.

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@crwbot I have this question about Twitter. I aggressively block promotweets and was an early adopter and might have thinkfluencer status due to early hacker hackerspace stuff ... and maybe as a result their algo doesn't serve me ads. Like ever. Once every 6 months or so I'll block 5-10 accounts for seeing a promotweet and then I'm back to no ads. It's jarring to see someone else's account.

@eqe i get around this by using tweetdeck on the desktop and tweetbot on mobile. no ads, promoted tweets, or recommended followers, at the expense of limited functionality when it comes to notifications - which i don't really like (and don't get much of) anyway.

it'll be a sad day if and when they ever finally kill off third-party clients.

@eqe also; i wonder if EU will enact/enforce a pro-user directive that's basically "if you show a user something algorithmically, you have to explain the decision process in simple terms they can understand."

would be neat to see how sophisticated the algorithms really are. i'm both curious and skeptical regarding their complexity and how much weight the algorithms give to factors like engagement and money. just how preferential is the treatment for big adbux spenders?

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