i have a square enix account to play their mmo games. and a square enix store account to buy said games. now, to pre-order the next expansion, i'm being made to create a square enix membership account, which is somehow different than the other two.

only they won't let me create an account because they think i already have one, but i don't, because i didn't even know that was a thing.

every single time i choose to give this company money i feel bad for enabling their foolishness.


also; who puts a maxlength of 32 on password1 but no maxlength on the password verification field? really?

if i take a different route to get to the create account page, the maxlength for the password becomes 20. wtf is going on over there?

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the one good technical decision i can attribute to SE is in how they drove adoption of 2FA - they tied it to an expanded inventory in their (at the time) flagship mmo. absolutely everyone wanted it.

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