i have been fighting a months-long battle with dpw to clean up a section of footpath here in the bayview that's become an open air dump. today i noted you can now actually see the garbage patch in gmaps satellite view. amazing.

some poor schmuck catfished me on facebook. guess i'm supposed to be mildly annoyed, slightly flattered, but mostly creeped out?

meh, if someone thinks they need my appearance more than i do, go for it, i guess. best of luck to you, nazario, if you're really a person and not a bot or cabbage or trout or something.

the irresistible table of contents of “the windmills of humanity: on culture and surrealism in the manipulated world” - a collection of ivan sviták’s essays

I sat and debated whether or not to call 911, because again, this wasn't an emergency. it had the potential to become one, though, so I went ahead and...

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- guess we'll see if there's enough groundswell for twitter brass to take notice and act. guessing not. fuck 'em.


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