@nasser normalizing identity feels like a fool's errand, especially in our glorious transhuman future of hiveminds and whatnot. but i'm happy with the tradeoff of admin overhead for flexibility.

@nasser fwiw, i usually view this as a feature, not a bug. i like that i'm in control of which facets of my online identities are coupled, how tightly they're coupled, and the timing parameters around those couplings.

for instance, i maintained a blog while playing an mmo, but kept it siloed from the rest of my non-mmo identity. when the mmo wrapped up, i claimed the blog and tied it to the rest of my identity. for the sake of posterity, that character was mine.

otoh, i saw the book was dedicated to brockman and was like "wasn't that the dude xeni was saying had ties to epstein?" 🤔

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read the first chapter of stewart brand's "whole earth discipline" and at the end there was a note pointing to a url where live footnotes for the chapter were hosted.

looks like he didn't renew the domain, though, and it's being squatted on. there's a joke to be made here about long-term thinking, but tbh, it's a little comforting knowing the guy is human and fallible and whatnot.

can mobile app dev folks explain to me why “open in app” links lose context?

twitter, reddit, medium, whatever. in mobile browsers when i click on a link in a piece of content to open it in the corresponding app, it just opens the app and doesn’t take me to the content.

why? what’s the point? is this something broken just for me or is everyone inconvenienced the same way?

last night i successfully redirected energy. among other things, i finally got a chance to play with tailscale, retired my algo vpn, and set up archivebox on our nas.

but today i'm still a ball of rage-grief-despair.

@nasser one user got a noisy fan. some power issues around suspend (but could be distro-specific). tbh, i'm not sure how they've shaken out - these users generally look after themselves.

@nasser we've started deploying them to the linux users at work, both pre-built and as kits. we've had some issues but nothing catastrophic.

i'm fine not carrying it and don't consider it to be an issue of censorship. the book is readily available elsewhere. there's limited shelf space in the shop and plenty of better books we don't carry that we could.

the older collective members do feel it's an issue of censorship and conflate not carrying the book with having banned it.

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bookstore collective currently debating the merits of continuing to stock the scum manifesto. this has come down on generational lines as the older folks see it as a satirical piece that skewered the patriarchy and the younger folks recognizing the transphobia and how it's been taken up by the terfs.

this appeared in my local bodega at some point during the pandemic

Alternate future q for a post US world 

@eqe reminds me of something bruce sterling wrote about some years back, but kinda fuzzy on details. a short story by a (retired? russian? military apparatchik?) about a (rogue? admiral?) sailing into and blowing up the panama canal.

Alternate future q for a post US world 

@eqe I don't think so? casual searching says Soo Locks have a width of 110' and the Ford has a beam width of 134'


kiddo broke his tablet two days before the warranty expired.

🎵 super-fragile ill-advised infrastructure update 🎵

@tomlowenthal they come in black and are a third the price.

(i've never used airpod pros)

learned about the nothing.tech's because the sound components were designed by teenage.engineering

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