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story idea: an ultra-rich remote viewing a shepherd as part of his sock-buying experience

kid post 

i love it when i can take a satisfaction survey after actually being satisfied with a service I've received. sf spca is just great and im glad i got the chance to tell them.

my reddit account (r/crwbot) is ten years old today and i would've totally missed my cake day if I hadn't known a random factoid about a thermos. go fig.

sigh, when did mobile brave lose wikipedia as a built-in search engine?

the screenshots i'm seeing of the new twttr client remind me of wave. remember wave?

ah, looks like that EFF PM position may be going to someone internally. which is a bit of a bummer.

otoh, it finally got me to update my resume and start considering proper jobs again now that the kiddo's spending most of his day in school.

after breaking the ice with that EFF application i quickly put in a couple at 18F and that felt good to do.

there really aren't that many places in tech where i'd like to work, and most of them aren't hiring in positions i'd fit.

i have been fighting a months-long battle with dpw to clean up a section of footpath here in the bayview that's become an open air dump. today i noted you can now actually see the garbage patch in gmaps satellite view. amazing.

thinking of starting a religion whose central tenet is the belief that the afterlife holds enough time to process all the items one has collected in browser tabs, pocket accounts, bookmarks, pinboard, watch later queues, todo.txt files, unread emails, etc

it's finally happened. stepped on and broke one of the kid's toys while tiptoeing through a darkened room. i... i think i can fix this.

sf transport 

playing catch with kiddo.

despite him never having seen a lethal weapon movie (that i know of), he launched into a diatribe on the merits of one-two-three-then-throw vs one-two-then-throw-on-three.

"empower women and we all do better" - simran sethi

the majority of my consulting practice has been working with and for women. it's made the idea of going back to a "normal" job, with the possibility of having to deal with toxic masculinity, feel dreadful.

had a peak sf dream: i was having a network engineering interview but in a yoga studio that happened to have a conference table

some poor schmuck catfished me on facebook. guess i'm supposed to be mildly annoyed, slightly flattered, but mostly creeped out?

meh, if someone thinks they need my appearance more than i do, go for it, i guess. best of luck to you, nazario, if you're really a person and not a bot or cabbage or trout or something.

was looking for an action figure of my very own to help the kid understand ownership and sharing. found this instead:

Original Movie Prop - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Zaphod Beeblebrox (Sam Rockwell) Silcone Head

update: this morning it's transformed into a spellbook.

my kid, age three, refused to leave the bookstore today without moufawad-paul's "the communist necessity." he was so proud when i relented. he found the book and now it was His.

amazingly, he just sat there, utterly rapt, as i read the overture to him. was more attentive than when i read him age-appropriate stuff. he knows at best 5% of the words, but now they're up there in his brain, percolating.

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