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"let it be said that the only thing one can ever truly own is one's own thoughts, and with advances in technology that might not always be the case"


her book includes this gem:

As Jacqui Alexander asks: what would "taking the Sacred seriously mean for transnational feminism and related radical projects, beyond an institutionalized use value of theorizing marginalization?" It would mean that "the sacred would thus have to be taken as real and the belief structure of its practitioners as having effects that are real."

quoted from Alexander's "Pedagogies of Crossing: Meditations on Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory, and the Sacred"

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woke up to this anne clark classic via my fave podcast, radio etiopia:

in somewhat related news, i'm excited to be going to see Erica Lagalisse tonight at CIIS (

i read her book yesterday and it touched on a few things that have been on my mind lately. surprisingly, she weighs in on culture-as-property, which is timely with the whole country billboard debacle.

celebrating a rainy end of the week with this discordant deep funk that was the hands-down winner of my weekly spotify discovery mix:

kid post 

kid built a lego handheld remote control device that he calls a "time speeder" which controls the passage of time.

brought me back to my own youth when i would dream of a time-stopping device that i would use to allow me to nip off to the toy store undetected and play with all the toys.

the story about fb asking new users to verify their email by supplying the password for their email accounts made me wobder why fb doesn't simply become an email provider. i wonder how many users they could siphon off from gmail.

thought msft said no april fools jokes? then why did i wake up to a win10 feature update having installed itself despite my having autoupdate turned off?

kid post 

dunno how he learned it, but kiddo picked up the word "never," and he seems to understand the context in terms of time.

this has led to behavior where any time anything remotely not to his liking happens, he'll point an accusatory finger and shriek NEVER. which is often funny, but is gonna be tiresome when it manifests itself in say, a grocery store.

i'm a pacifist and still i would fistfight the folks who designed snapchat. i assume there's a whole team, but if they fight with the same amount of prowess they have in ux, i fancy my chances.

we went to a community fix-it night in excelsior. i was scolded for violating sewing rule number one by not choosing a thread color that would hide my repair job. it scandalized the ladies when i explained that i was choosing a bright color to celebrate repair culture.

people are a trip.

a local elmer came prepared (as elmers are wont to do) and helped the kiddo choose the right glues to fix a couple of his broken toys. good times.

suddenly sunshower! glorious way to begin a thursday.

the crossover i'd most like to see is keanu as john wick vs. henry rollins as cain from "he never died"

sorry keybase, i absolutely think per-user keys should be pronounced "pukes."

also; keen that mastodon proofs are coming!

today i volunteered to be the liaison between the ab617 carb grant community steering committee and their technical advisory group.

we'll be building and deploying air monitoring stations in the bayview and the data they collect will be open.

if you take a look at this air pollutant exposure map of sf, you'll see why that's a good thing:

also; TIL there's only ONE "official" air monitoring station in all of SF - it's at 17th and Missouri (a former shipyard).

the one good technical decision i can attribute to SE is in how they drove adoption of 2FA - they tied it to an expanded inventory in their (at the time) flagship mmo. absolutely everyone wanted it.

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also; who puts a maxlength of 32 on password1 but no maxlength on the password verification field? really?

if i take a different route to get to the create account page, the maxlength for the password becomes 20. wtf is going on over there?

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i have a square enix account to play their mmo games. and a square enix store account to buy said games. now, to pre-order the next expansion, i'm being made to create a square enix membership account, which is somehow different than the other two.

only they won't let me create an account because they think i already have one, but i don't, because i didn't even know that was a thing.

every single time i choose to give this company money i feel bad for enabling their foolishness.

the apple news announcement reminds me about that time they kept banning that app that reported about drone strikes.

in which 外婆 brings back bootleg clothing from china. my favorite are the pants that say HAMPIONSHIP - because a kid's gotta have goals, i guess.

brain tripped over a compelling misreading: mueller on the orient express.

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