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I’d forgotten about this place after we lost

"Possibly the Internet will allow us to outgrow the nation-state. Although the Global Village McLuhan dreamed of is at present a City of Night, a monstrous force for cultural reductionism and internationally institutionalized greed, who knows? Perhaps we shall soar electronically to some arrangement that works better than capitalism."

- Le Guin

the wikimedia cookbook is just food recipes, not clever tips and hacks for administering mediawiki installations. :(

cw: work 

this morning i signed an offer letter to join eff's ops team as help desk lead, capping off ten years of wandering the desert as a freelance geek.

i've been grateful for all the flexibility of self-employment during kiddo's first handful of years, but he's off to kindergarten soon and it was time for me to join a team and organization i'd be proud to tell him about. i'm excited.

am on the scuttlebutt now, too:


dreamt of a bull leaping into the air to gore a swooping eagle. subtle.

who wants to be in my punk band "the moore-locke's" ??

learned a brilliant magic spell:

obtain an old-school muni token and keep it in your pocket. if asked to provide proof of payment on your ride, produce the token and say "i just got on and have been unable to negotiate my way to the front to pay this in"

seen the same old-timer pull that trick 3 times now, and that's enough to know that it's the word "negotiate" that it all hinges on. you can see the context switching happen in realtime in the cop's face and body language. amazing.

brb, writing a book called Anarchism, Surrealism, Utopianism: Owls that Moo

well, i survived reading a book on anarcho-primitivism.

i'm still not anti-tech or anti-civ and it's uncomfortable for me because i think it means i'm more of an optimist than whatever foundational identity facet of mine is still holding on to cynicism.

i haven't formally defined "foundational identity facets" yet, but it's something i've been thinking about a lot lately and is kinda self-explanatory anyway.

maybe another time.

slightly obsessed with modernizing the 8 hours work, 8 hours rest, 8 hours what we will. we're working too much and ignoring important responsibilities in our off-hours.

i've got it down to something like:

- 8 hours rest
- 4 hours work
- 4 hours self/family
- 4 hours community/politics
- 4 hours planet/environment


discovery s2 spoilers 

i wanted to see leland ripped apart by a tardigrade and spores overwhelmingly smothering the remaining nanobots

TIL "hulu" means "upstream" - this does not change my view of their service.

my ticket tracking system just gave me this quote during a loading screen: "i resolve, therefore i am"

1) i'm not dns
2) it's monday and just no
3) just no
4) no

midlife crisis? 

you've all let me down

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midlife crisis? 

someone talk me out of doing an anthropology phd?

know those weird-looking structural elements designed by an algorithm to be super-strong? that, but for efficiently-insulating roofing tiles.

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