Any Free Software Canon users out there willing to help lead the charge in communicating with them so we can start decoding .CR3 files?

The Security Documentation is available in the Samba Wiki now. Thanks to Tim Beale and Marc Muehlfeld! Go check it out at

I'm proud to announce the release of 0.9.0 with a lot of new features (AES-GCM, ETM, FIPS, ...), improvements and bug fixes. We also improved our test infrastructure to avoid introducing regressions. Learn more about it at:

Got an *old* Canon camera?

Roman needs your help getting his hands on some .CRW files to provide support for testing! Please help out if you can (check the topic for more info).

(In fact, we can use _many_ camera model raw files using old .CRW - please take a moment to check out and see if you have a camera we're missing raw files for!)

@aurelienpierre Currently darktable-chart creates a LUT and a tone curve for camera profiles. Could we change it to give us a filmic curve?

also, I'm amazed to see how much effort DE put into using OpenGL shaders, complicated visual effects, and stuff that sucks vRAM and battery to just look cool while not giving shit to color management, aka color reliability for artists and people who actually use their screen to see colors (not only lines of code).

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I've extended the lens calibrate script to create plots for vignetting calculations so you can check if they are fine. At the end there will be a vignetting.pdf with everything you need for validation.

I've just found an old picture from a climbing trip to Sicily some years ago. I would love to be there now, the weather is currently not very nice here.

#exploring #nature
#landscape #photography
#pixelbook #adventures

Community member Chris takes the time to assemble an awesome calendar based on results from several of our Play Raw posts throughout the year.

Remember you can download the raw files for any of these images to practice with as well!

I've just released version 1.2.0 of socket_wrapper, a library passing all socket communications through unix sockets. This allows you to create artificial networks without privileged.In this release Michael Adam and AnoopCS added threading support. More at

Kirkjufell || This is probably the most photographed mountain in Iceland, as we camped nearby we cylcled to Kirkjufell for the sunset. || #cyclingiceland #iceland #darktable

@dansup Missing pixelfed feature: Filter out images in all timelines which have 'cat' in the caption or description!

Puffin! || We visited a cliff where millions of birds bread each year and the cutest ones are the puffins :-) || #cyclingiceland #iceland

I've just relased 0.8.4 and 0.7.6 to address CVE-2018-10933. This is an auth bypass in the server. Please update as soon as possible!

Cycling Iceland || This year I cycled for three weeks in Iceland again. This time with my girlfriend. Starting Oct 17th I will upload pictures from our journey. || #cyclingiceland

The master and stable-0.8 branch started to diverge. New features are being added for the next release. We are working on AES-GCM support!

I've release version 1.0.7 of pam_wrapper. This is a tool to either test pam modules or applications or daemons using pam. This is just a bugfix release. If you want to learn more about visit

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