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Commissions are open!

Busts: $15
Full-body portraits: $25
Environments: $30
Items/relics/Macguffins: $6

Discord: Cryptovexillologist#8578

Subscribe to me on Patreon and get 50% off anything!

Ordering off-menu (within reason) is fine, and we can arrange a price.

More examples are here: cryptovexillologist.carbonmade

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Parhelion's Patreon has gotten an overhaul!

Patrons get an exclusive post every Monday, and can see one page and one monthly wallpaper into the future!

When you donate at least $3 per month, you can get a free bust sketch of anyone you want every month!

And as if this wasn't enough value,
subscribe at any amount and get 50% off your next commission! cryptovexillologist.carbonmade

Check it out!

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#Commission stuff, #mastoart i guess? 

And this is an invitation, if you’re interested in chatting or getting to know me for any reason, don’t be shy!

I suspect a key flaw of dating sites is that they have no idea what to do with really weird people of any stripe, so everyone at far ends of the Normie Bell Curve is awkwardly smushed together

It’s a bit frustrating how Game of Thrones can’t seem to conceive of gender politics more interesting than “a hazy grasp of medieval misogyny plus some modern pop-feminist comebacks”

(Although I’ve never read the books, maybe it’s more detailed there)

If you have a typical undergrad math degree, how far back in time would you have to go to be the best mathematician in the world?

Within the first session, it has already become "the Three Stooges play Dishonored" and I love it so much

In my roommate's DnD campaign, the royal family is all loxodon (elephant-people) except for one or two human relatives

"It's just the recessive Human gene, y'know? Didn't you learn this in high school bio?"

Parhelion Update!

Presenting my favorite Farouz line in the whole chapter.

Support on Patreon for early pages and exclusive content!

#MastoArt #Webcomics

The first line of my roommate’s OKC profile:

“Hey, do you fail the Miller test? Because you appeal to my prurient interests.”

CURRENT GENDER: the beautifully awkward pluralizations in OKCupid's interface

@cryptovexillologist nearby to me there used to be two vape shops quite close to each other. one had a faux-classy aesthetic, pale blue with weird 'tasting trays' and pictures of men in suits. the other one was dark, dingy, and had posters referencing memes from five years ago.
the latter, of course, is the one still open.

psst hey kids it's the lineart for Friday's page, plus some concept drawings I made a while ago for this scene!

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