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Hi! I'm [???] "Xenosociologist" Cryptovexillologist! I've got a lot of story fragments here.

I make a gay space polisci comic, Parhelion:


I also made POSSIBILITY STORM, a RoboRosewater zine:


And some other stuff here and there.

mastodon.social/media/ZHwdqMjn mastodon.social/media/4PrG7KkC mastodon.social/media/K2vUnEEV mastodon.social/media/zaNb-2Bn

I hope that if ever returns to Innistrad, there are trace amounts of Emrakul leaking out of the moon but everyone just gets used to it

And hopefully the main focus is a bajillion church schisms: everyone has their own theory on what happened to Avacyn, and a few have gotten word that she was only a game warden, never a savior

A lot of people end up going "fuck it, I'm gonna worship demons and/or nature spirits and/or these wriggling tentacles"

I really should replay Bastion at some point

A gorgeous isometric-brawler game about hope, rebuilding, despair, nostalgia, Cold War paranoia, colonialism, police states, etc.

I love the horniness permeating 's Amonkhet setting

Rewired, brainwashed Gods oversee a city of oiled, athletic 20-year-olds preparing for a sadistic game-show gauntlet. The ultimate prize is for a jackal-god to stab you through the heart with her big fork.

All your needs are handled by blank, mummified failed contestants, and you regularly pace around the magical bubble protecting you from the horrors beyond and ponder the benevolence of whoever gave you this world

If Alt Personas
Cause You Pain
Try Posting Horny
Thoughts On Main


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I rely heavily on color in my pieces. Trying to get out of my comfort zone and sharpen those skills!
#pixelart #8bit #1bit #mastoart

Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell (QUEER👏THE👏BINARY Remix)

Whenever I flip through Adbusters, I wonder: who is this *for?*

Its design is abstruse and weird and off-putting, but all the content in every issue I've seen is just Baby's First Radical Anticapitalism, always framed as if they're the first people to ever say this stuff

Was this actually groundbreaking twenty years ago, and it's just been coasting on that legacy into total irrelevance?

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I told myself "I'm gonna get some work done on a chill Saturday night after I'm socially tapped out" and I DID

I deserve at least three Nobel Prizes

I love how "Carlyle Foster" is the most generic in-universe name possible and it still sounds great

(Also Brody DeLupa, Dominic Seneschal, Julia Doria-Pamphili, Duke Ganymede, they're all so good)

Ada Palmer makes names with such good mouthfeel

Thisbe and Ockham Saneer, Eureka Weeksbooth, Cornel MASON, Vivien Ancelet-Kosala, Apollo Mojave, Felix Faust, Hotaka Andō Mitsubishi, Jin Im-Jin, Martin Guildbreaker, Saladin Canner, etc.

My favorite part of Unstable is all the stuff that's just *slightly* outside the normal game rules, and the stuff that's technically doable but would be a horrifying fractal judge's nightmare if the rules couldn't just shrug and look the other way