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Hi! I'm [???] "Xenosociologist" Cryptovexillologist! I've got a lot of story fragments here.

I make a gay space polisci comic, Parhelion:

I also made POSSIBILITY STORM, a RoboRosewater zine:

And some other stuff here and there.

I had fun coloring this at a queer hangout event, and now I want to put it on a bathroom door

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One of the essay prompts for philosophy class is “Hobbes argues that humans aren’t naturally political animals, unlike hive insects; explain one of his reasons and build an Aristotelian response to it”

and I kinda want to go down a twenty-page rabbit hole of bee sociology and hive dynamics

in very small cool news I showed Laurel the weirdly distinct light spot on this apple and they told me that leaf shadows create these, and you can actually see the STEM of the leaf on this one

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Y'know what, between Actual Jobs and art commissions, I can probably afford to blow off Sketchy Record Store Gig That May Or May Not Exist

Dang, I was so hyped up for jury duty and my group didn't even make the cutoff to be called

Sawtooth's flagship is absolutely a giant tenement siege tower named Incisor, and one day I want to draw a giant cutaway diagram (like in those Star Wars books) as a Patreon thing

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I just want a villain acutely aware of how anyone can surreptitiously record a conversation, and refrains from monologuing accordingly

(Zootopia had career criminals making this mistake *multiple times*, come on)

Coco's good! Kinda by the numbers but it won me over

"Oh hey, we met the great-great-grandpa and everything's swell, but there's still a lot of the movie left..."

Wizards Announces: Duel Decks: Taffy vs. Spaghetti