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Sabbath-Breaking On Main

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Hi! I'm [???] "Xenosociologist" Cryptovexillologist! I've got a lot of story fragments here.

I make a gay space polisci comic, Parhelion:

I also made POSSIBILITY STORM, a RoboRosewater zine:

And some other stuff here and there.

DIPLOMAT: something that is to be attained

i was self indulgent and got an adoptable character...........
its name is 6 and i'm already really into drawing them

[last art in set is the original by felix]

Now that it's getting warmer, the ambient smell around the apartment is a lot like the smell when I first moved in last August, so I've got this vague fear that the entire school year was some sort of fugue-dream

XENOSARTORIAL is here! The Parhelion cast poses in both earthly and alien fashion!

The main zine is free, and the AU chapter is $2!

Wizards Announces: Duel Decks: Clumsy vs. Messy

It is interesting that the development of AIs that can talk over the phone coincide with a generational value shift that places phone calls at the absolute bottom of the possible means of interaction

The logical implication of this is of course AIs that talk to each other over the phone, which would mean that - at long last - dial-up modems are finally in vogue again

GENDER: Graylaw Hiveless, with occasional forays into Utopia

XENOSARTORIAL is here! The Parhelion cast poses in both earthly and alien fashion!

The main zine is free, and the AU chapter is $2!

Highlight of phone banking for trans rights tonight: "I'm fully supportive, but I'm a Justice of the Peace, and I'm booked solid officiating gay weddings all weekend every weekend"

I'm glad you can look at these two and, knowing nothing about the characters, probably still tell that they fuck

Are you ready to draft Broken Cube?

Remember C.A.J.E.V.
• Card draw
• Artifacts
• Jank
• Enchantments
• Virtual time walks

BREAKING: Team West Coast Legends disqualified from Grand Prix Belfast for forming a Super PAC

I'm pretty sure the boarded-up house across the street is the Sovereign Stronghold for all the local stray cats

@cryptovexillologist Okay obviously that's a memento and someone is waiting patiently for their love Tony to come back and move their heart

Lots of people have joked about a Breaking Bad AU where Walt does furry hentai commissions, but where's the one where he's roped into being the programmer/artist/editor on an ill-conceived game project that's fast running out of Kickstarter money

Check out this business card that sits by the register at work with no explanation

it's gonna be all centaurs for a hot week or two jsyk

@cryptovexillologist @Prawnlegs The Martian is just Stardew Valley at Nightmare difficulty

Today we had a customer with a leather fedora, goatee, snazzy waistcoat, and a bunch of thin gold chains, who told us about recovering very well from a kidney transplant and looking forward to his 50-year wedding anniversary

I am so glad I get to be alive at the same time as him

I drew this mostly to convince myself I can still draw after weeks of not touching it