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Commissions are open!

Busts: $15
Full-body portraits: $25
Environments: $30
Items/relics/Macguffins: $6

Discord: Cryptovexillologist#8578

Subscribe to me on Patreon and get 50% off anything!

Ordering off-menu (within reason) is fine, and we can arrange a price.

More examples are here: cryptovexillologist.carbonmade

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My primary creative project these days is the Solar Symposium, an open-source worldbuilding almanac!

It has a Mastodon presence at @solarsymposium and a Patreon at - Read posts a week in advance and vote on what comes next!

I am running an Authorial AMA next Friday! Ask me anything you want about Mission Critical (or anything else), and at the end of the night I will post and read-aloud the first chapter of the sequel, Stellar Elegy!

More details here:

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minions: boomer memes
simpsons: gen x/xennial memes
spongebob: millennial memes

what's the current Yellow Comedy Cartoon?

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minions, simpsons and spongebob are all widely meme-ified cartoons and also yellow

idk what to do with this information

Excellent personal news 

I have spent three-quarters of my bank account to pay off all my student loans at once, and buy the freedom to never have to think about Navient again!

The penultimate chapter of Mission Critical is complete! Featuring callbacks to the first Earth chapter, and concluding the grand send-offs to every bit of Earth worldbuilding.

(I'll do an editing pass over the whole thing and then post the finale!)

Read from the beginning here:

#MastoArt #Writing

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here's a thread on "korean references showing up in american cartoons" which is more than I expected though I haven't watched most of these.

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Someday I want to make a political cartoon with bright tropical shallow fish labeled Culture War, Presentism, Just-So Stories, Great Man History, etc. above a mile-long benthic kraken labeled Large-Scale Economic Forces Plus A Smattering Of Random Coincidental Bullshit

O Human Star rerun!

Folks on rereads definitely noticed how cavalier Al was about doing this given what she admits to later.

Concept: using a very weak fire extinguisher to train a pet phoenix the way cat owners use water spray bottles

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