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Commissions are open!

Busts: $15
Full-body portraits: $25
Environments: $30
Items/relics/Macguffins: $6

Discord: Cryptovexillologist#8578

Subscribe to me on Patreon and get 50% off anything!

Ordering off-menu (within reason) is fine, and we can arrange a price.

More examples are here: cryptovexillologist.carbonmade

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My primary creative project these days is the Solar Symposium, an open-source worldbuilding almanac!

It has a Mastodon presence at @solarsymposium and a Patreon at - Read posts a week in advance and vote on what comes next!

Chapter portion 2 out of 3 is here! The crew takes a road trip, sees some unsettling things, and playfully bugs each other.

Read from the beginning here!

#MastoArt #Writing

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Say what you will about the 4th of July, but fireworks *perfectly* symbolize the American ethos of “if you can’t use it wildly irresponsibly, it’s not freedom”

I’m really pissed off these days! to celebrate, I banged out a little zine expressing my bottomless rage.

you can get it as a PWYW pdf right here:

one chapter into The Left Hand of Darkness - I really like the worldbuilding, and honestly the most anachronistic part to me is that Genly is a very classically-sexist prick rather than going on about "snowflakes" and "genderspecials"

I am writing this on my OWN COMPUTER for the first time since March!

It feels like a big battlecruiser after a few months of using my mom's nimble MacBook Air, but I'm happy to have it back

Also - the guy at the repair place had a forearm tattoo of the solar system map on the Pioneer probe, which he said I was the first person to ever recognize

Hyperlink’s Kitchen Tips

QUICK TIP: Know the difference between a red and green bell pepper? A red bell pepper will hone in when tossed at your enemies, whereas a green bell pepper will just bounce off the walls

Fanart for the webcomic Never Satisfied, which is very awesome. :star_eyes:

Picture is hidden because it's fanart to the current scene, which means it's basically a spoiler. 🤔
There's nothing sensitive on it.

Here's a link to the page this fanart references to:

#fanart #webcomic #neverSatisfied #mastoArt

if 🦈 was a unit of measurement (e.g. "100 🦈") what would it stand for?

my vote is "blångstroms"

A new sub-chapter chunk is here! In which we see how each crew member is (or isn't) doing well, plus some strange behavior from Alexandria...

Read from the beginning here!

#MastoArt #Writing

Media discourse, of a different type 

I'm frustrated at the drift of using "propaganda" to broadly mean "anything that reproduces bad cultural messages," not least because it makes "propaganda for messages I agree with" categorically impossible to think about

Media discourse 

There's been plenty written about "holding indie/marginalized creators to really stringent standards while giving corporate media a pass," and I thought of two other fucked up inequities in it:

Indie creators don't have PR teams to do damage control (or counsel them in the first place), and they can't produce content fast enough to distract peoples' attention

~ In Memoriam ~

My time living in [ADDRESS REDACTED], Worcester

2017 - 2020

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