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Commissions are open!


Busts: $15
Full-body portraits: $25
Environments: $30
Items/relics/Macguffins: $6

Get in touch at, or Cryptovexillologist#8578 on Discord!

Ordering off-menu, within reason, is fine, and we can work out a price.

Support me on Patreon, and get 50% off any commission!

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Parhelion's Patreon has gotten an overhaul!

Patrons get an exclusive post every Monday, and can see one page and one monthly wallpaper into the future!

When you donate at least $3 per month, you can get a free bust sketch of anyone you want every month!

And as if this wasn't enough value,
subscribe at any amount and get 50% off your next commission! cryptovexillologist.carbonmade

Check it out!

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I have finally exited Network Registration Hell! I can use my computer on the campus network!

This was a big keystone of my Stress Arch and I'm glad to finally have that resolved

BREAKING: Kai Budde petitioned by local law enforcement to participate in their Momir invitational tournament

A couple things I saw and thought "Mastodon will love this":

- Alias, a 3D-printed "parasite" that sits on top of your Amazon Echo or Google Home, feeding white noise into its mic until you say the wake word:

- The adminbook, a wonderfully ugly design for the ideal sysadmin notebook:


The first recommendation post in ages! It's for Shigeru Mizuki's brilliant Showa: A History of Japan.

I greatly admire the @SuricrasiaOnline Vibe/Expanded Universe/Gestalt, largely *because* I don't know shit about programming or whatever

Market Research Is Telling Us That The People Want Us To Be Both A "Good Girl" And A "Bad Girl" So To Reconcile This Seemingly Contradictory Set Of Requirements I'm About To Head Out To Spraypaint "You're Valid" On The Backs Of Stop Signs

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they're finally here, performing for you
the kong orchestra and conductor too
listen silently, reflect on your faults
as we take you through this Monkey Waltz

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rose red, violet blue
i cram many meme formats
into one haiku


I do love how Legend of Korra shows that Toph's abrasiveness, which makes her such a fun character to us, also makes her kind of a crappy parent

Ending with an unrelated bit:

I hope eventually there's a series featuring Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin, as their very gay chemistry gets ruptured by the Fire Nation sliding into fascism and wars of annexation

Roku's death comes at around the halfway point, and with the Air Nation's genocide, peoples' hope for a new Avatar dwindles, and lots of other religious rituals and potential rulers rush in to fill the void

A possible anchor point for making compelling Avatar villains:

The Avatar is the embodiment of the status quo, and a lot of people have very good reasons for opposing that, especially now that the Avatar is aligned with a government

ATLA had lots of great reflections on war zones and state formation and authoritarianism, and Korra's political climate has very fertile ground for it but it mostly feels kinda half-baked

(However, I love how her handcuff/blinder weapons echo the Dai Li's flying gauntlets)

Kuvira keeps getting less interesting as the season goes on, but it would be cool to make her a reflection on how Zaufu was always a Galt's Gulch technocracy doomed to produce people like this

Also, what's daily life like under her rule? Are most of her provinces just franchised out to pliable warlords? Does she understand how to run supply lines in places outside Zaufu?

Zaheer is interesting as an airbender who doesn't give a damn about pacifism, but he turns out to just be a vague, half-baked Unabomber wannabe (as my roommate says, "damn, read some Hobbes, the State of Nature fuckin' sucks")

We never even see the four criminals even interact much, to get a sense of their personalities or team dynamics, and we've barely seen the White Lotus at all, so we can't really judge the criticisms of it

his arms expand when he eats spinach, but non-directionally, because he's Popeye the Scalar Man

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