While I'm on this fantasy kick: in a world where dragons are highly endangered/extinct, someone has launched a Dragon Jurassic Park

But, they died out because they're The Most apex predators who need half a continent to sustain themselves, and they're violently antisocial and territorial, and the managers haven't quite solved the thermodynamics issue with keeping them fed

"Wizards can sort out those little details, right?"

NPCs include:

-Fantasy Steve Irwin who gets really psyched about their teeth and fire and then hastily adds "also it's bad when they eat whole cities"

-Members of an ancient dragon cult, suing for IP infringement of their symbolism and mythos in the marketing

-Various managers who perfectly understand why everyone else's ideas are terrible but insists theirs are perfect

@cryptovexillologist That one damned druid played by Jeff Goldblum that turns out to be right about everything in the most annoying way possible.

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