I'm fascinated by late-90s techno-Utopianism, in that brief window between the home-computer boom and 9/11 is a great resource for this, but there's a lot more to it, especially with all the depictions of The Home Of The Future, fully wired and interactive and responsive to our every need, before we knew the reality of what Alexa would actually be

It's such a powerful feeling, standing on the threshold of a new millennium and hoping it'll all go well

I remember one of these illustrations predicting vaccines and pharmaceuticals delivered through GMO fruits, and hoo boy imagine pitching *that* in California today

@cryptovexillologist love howgenerally better agriculture practices have been coupled with unscientific anti gmo shit for no reason

@cryptovexillologist honestly I think this is why I like the vaporwave aesthetic so much, a lot of hits on nostalgia for this exact time period

@cryptovexillologist That's the thing I miss most about the 1990s: the optimism for the future.

@cryptovexillologist is there some way to access that without agreeing to Oath's sadistic GDPR warning?

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