Fun character idea: a ~mystical martial arts monk~, but based on Western Christian monks instead of spiritually-vague Eastern monks, and with just as little grasp on what the religion's actually like

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I'm not sure auto-flagellation is a useful tool for adventurers.

I've been working on a monk class based on medieval Jewish scholars, plus a healthy misinterpretation of "wrestling with G-d"

@mithriltabby @hafnia @cryptovexillologist no; Jews representing this community are prohibited from covering their faces, as the result of extensive rabbinic debate regarding the passage in Genesis where Laban tricks Jacob into marrying Leah by having her wear a veil. However, kippah clips were invented specifically for this martial art, lest the symbol of your faith fall off during combat

@cryptovexillologist I know this isn't what you meant but now I have a mental image of playing an old man with a tonsure and robe in DnD
and then TEARING OFF THE ROBE TO REVEAL HE'S SUPER JACKED whenever a fight kicks off

@cryptovexillologist Friar Tuck!

Also, I once made a Champions character who was a Catholic bishop and a shapeshifter. The Papal Bull. One of his powers was to "Throw the (Holy) Book" at a targed (ego attack).

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