Really digging this Keith Haring shirt that I cut into a tank top (ft. Queer Villain Pride mask from @distressedegg )

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Selfies, AMAB toplessness, gratuitous thirst trapping 

I see what all the “masks are hot” people are going on about now

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A shitpost about the Unabomber Manifesto 

The Penguin Classics cover generator is the greatest shitposting tool I’ve found in ages

(If you uploaded an image and it doesn’t appear, it usually pops in once you adjust the position sliders)

(Art is The Course of Empire - Desolation, by Thomas Cole)

I got my first tattoo, with my boyfriend by my side!

It’s a ten-pointed star based on the sun in my school’s seal, to commemorate finishing up my education that I’ve been doing for my entire conscious life

Commissions are open!

Busts: $15
Full-body portraits: $25
Environments: $30
Items/relics/Macguffins: $6

Discord: Cryptovexillologist#8578

Subscribe to me on Patreon and get 50% off anything!

Ordering off-menu (within reason) is fine, and we can arrange a price.

More examples are here: cryptovexillologist.carbonmade

Philadelphia’s Rodin Museum has free public sketchbooks, which are fantastic and should spread to every art museum

(It’s also free/PWYW every day, and has a very efficient overview of Rodin’s whole career and a bunch of pieces inspired by him years later!)

Alright, this is quite popular

Here's a linework sketch of the city's general look and feel:

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Having a great time returning to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in the first time in ages, and felt compelled to draw some

My primary creative project these days is the Solar Symposium, an open-source worldbuilding almanac!

It has a Mastodon presence at @solarsymposium and a Patreon at - Read posts a week in advance and vote on what comes next!

Selfie, eye contact, boosts/interaction welcome 

I found the perfect top for a 90s Alt Butch look

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Alcohol, college-student lifehacks 

The wine bottle was too tall to fit in the fridge, and we finished off the OJ making screwdrivers, and so...

Please enjoy these drawings my co-counselor made, for the prompts of “distinct character outlines” and “making a comic with multiple different camera angles/zooms”

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Gender shitpost, caps 

(From a discussion on strange grammatical genders in different languages)

The best part of any Star Wars prequel is the weird alien politicians who don't get nearly enough to do, so I was inspired to make some of my own

From left to right:

Oooun-kio-ywi, chaplain of the Grand Idzii Cloister;

Kxrrrhxk, champion-by-combat of the Benthic League;

!!!xa4^^9, Extradimensional Envoy

Circa 2004, a series of computers showed up in electronics stores, branded as “Alexandria Systems”, loaded with a proprietary OS heavily featuring a virtual assistant of the same name.

They are unfailingly helpful and dutiful, but any query about their origin or full capacities returns “Pardon, I don’t think you need to know that now.”

Hell Yeah

(I stuck with just these two, since they had the most compelling design hooks and the shared theme of "lurking within a friendly shape")

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It’s me, your friendly virtual assistant with unknown power and loyalties

I found this beautiful sign at a thrift store that I’m calling “statism.png”

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