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#oc_tober 5: OC trading card. (skipped number 4, might come back to it later) TBH I'm old and not familiar with OC trading cards so I defaulted to the cards I know and trust. Birch is a new character!

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I wonder if there's any manga originally written in a left-to-right language, but formatted right-to-left either for stylistic convention or to make an artistic point

Writing ideas, weird alien gender politics 

Story idea I’m workshopping: a princess of some weird space polity in self-imposed exile, who was born as (some other gender) but was considered female in her capacity as royalty; she turned out to actually *be* a trans girl, but has some tension between “gender euphoria” and “dredging up bad associations”

Food, Kosher laws 

A while ago I was looking for a place to eat with my boyfriend and one menu had a shrimp and chorizo sandwich, which I dubbed “the Double Gentile Special”

I’m at the point of getting into Blaseball where my bets aren’t just based on the odds, but also on whether I like or dislike certain teams for totally arbitrary reasons

(I’m formally with the Hades Tigers, but I admire the Seattle Garages and Philly Pies)

Made a small change to the art page of my website: I've organised the pieces by year, with the most recent ones appearing first.

Hopefully the collection will grow a bit during Inktober.


Verbal brain noise, earworm, fish-in-a-barrel dunking on the Falwells 

To the tune of the Flintstones theme: “Falwells! Meet the Falwells! Evangelical hy-po-cri-sy!”

Positive life news, trans stuff 

After months of getting my ducks in a row, I have gotten my learner’s permit (for the third time!) and with my sex marked as X!

And at this week’s therapy/psych appointments, I hope to start the long domino chains toward getting HRT

I really liked making this character design, it was really fun!

#art #oc

"In the first days of America, nearly every family could be counted on to have at least two books: the Bible, and Pilgrim's Poggers"

Fanart by me of @cryptovexillologist 's excellent scifi serial "Mission Critical": a political cartoon criticizing the Earth Restoration Agency's plans to colonize the habitable exoplanet Malang.

Read her story here:

Question: What would be the funniest workplace in which to have a mug that says "You Don't Have To Be Nonbinary To Work Here... But It Helps!"

Really digging this Keith Haring shirt that I cut into a tank top (ft. Queer Villain Pride mask from @distressedegg )

(She, interaction welcome)

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