a remake of Un chant d'amour named "The Adventures of the Invisible Penis"

you got your choice between politicians who are too blind to systemic racism that they do blackface as a joke, or politicians who are too racist for blackface in the first place


1. people who accept climate change and think it is caused by humans

2. people who accept climate change and think it is caused by nature

3. people who don’t accept climate change at all

What do they have in common?


Your digital life is real. And your real life is digital.

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La lápida de la tumba de Cervantes, colocada en 2015 tras la localización de sus restos, tiene dos errores en la referencia a la novela 'Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda'. Pusieron "Segismunda" y la fecha de publicación de 1616, cuando fue publicada póstuma en 1617... 🧵⬇️

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It is grotesque that media repeats the political language of "Americans who want to leave," when "Americans who don't want to leave" is being used to categorize those who WANT to leave, but are being refused permission to take their Afghan families.
They can't just abandon them.

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Afghanistan is the size of Texas, and in the middle of a Civil War.

Attempts to spin Americans and Afghans who can't make it to a single airstrip in Kabul as "not wanting to leave" is reprehensible.


this was a commentary on how bad the crafting system in my cooking game is and how i thought it'd be funny to also create a terrible game-accurate recipe book for the deluxe version

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Make sauces EASY!

(1:1 ratios)

mayo + pepper = ranch
mayo + garlic salt = aioli
mayo + cucumber = tzatziki
mayo + dill pickle = tartar sauce
mayo + mustard = hollandaise
mayo + v8 = frysauce
mayo + onion = french onion dip
mayo + cheese = velveeta

follow for more recipes!

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