Content warnings for things that are not upsetting, but might just be boring or irrelevant are worse than me skipping over things that are boring or irrelevant.

I'm starting to become torn whether I want a client that auto-reveals all CWs or just removes them from my feed all together. Or both. There are some people whose CW stuff I always want to see, and everyone else can whisper quietly under a rock so I never see it.

Has someone already made "The Boy Who Cried Warning" joke already? :P


@vjgoh CW misuse has irritated me for as long as I've been on here. About 90% of the CWs I see are stupid things like "awoo" or rickrolls.

I think the feature is a good idea that the community just never respected. I've never seen anything on here that bothered me—I'd like a setting that just turns them off. At this point, I'm honestly just too lazy to go that extra step of clicking on them.

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