Wondering, as I have in the past, about the usefulness of the federated timeline. It's a firehose: scrolls way too fast to actually interact with anything on there, and even if you had time to read/click on something, over half the content is in languages I don't speak.

As a visualization of overall activity, it's pretty neat. As a practical feature, it's unusable.

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I think it depends on the instance. From, the federated timeline is pretty reasonable to sift through. It will definitely decrease in usefulness as the size of the instance grows, though.

@grobolom Do you mean the local timeline or the federated timeline? Local is a little more reasonable, although on an instance like, it's still pretty fast. I thought federated was *every* instance, though—or at least the ones that your particular instance hasn't blocked. Basically as if you were seeing everything being posted to Twitter in real-time.

@grobolom (...and unless your instance has blocked pretty much everybody else, I'd think federated would be crazy no matter where you are.)

@csilverman my understanding is that the federated timeline, viewed from an instance, is a list of everyone on your instance, as well as everyone that someone on your instance follows.

From looking at mine for a little while, while it scrolls quickly, it probably averages less than one per second from mine, which is at least usable for finding new people to follow.

@grobolom Didn't know that—I guess I thought it was as simple as importing updates wholesale from other instances. I can see how limiting it to people who people on your instance think are worth following might make for a better stream.

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