when i was a kid for quite a few years i was really scared of my house catching on fire because of two things:

1) some firemen came to my school one time, and showed some hysterical PSA videos that implied that literally all household objects were extremely flammable and it was only a matter of time before we all died in a hellish inferno, and we also aught to warn our parents never to fry food or light a candle

2) the sims



@jk Tornados, mostly. Although I do remember that when I was nine, my dad—atomic physicist—happened to mention that at some point, the sun would go out and the earth would be gone, and I spent a month having a crisis of sorts where I didn't want to build anything with Legos because what was the point.

Also: the knots in my parents' unfinished pine bookshelves. They looked like horrible demonic faces, and they stil do.

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