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@aparrish Anybody who wants to credibly present themselves as opponents of government overreach should have a huge problem with this.

But we know it has nothing to do with any legitimate concerns about tyranny—these people are full-on 1984 when government overreach favors their own demented ideas.

I wish @nytimes would cut the concern-trolling about how investigating predatory behavior = Stasi-level scrutiny of someone's childhood. They're embarrassing themselves. The formative years of influential public figures is crucially worthy of examination, and the truth will out.

And people who try to downplay sexual assault by claiming it's common and harmless are revealing something very unsavory about themselves.

Small wonder they're angry and scared. They likely have reasons to be.


@jk Tornados, mostly. Although I do remember that when I was nine, my dad—atomic physicist—happened to mention that at some point, the sun would go out and the earth would be gone, and I spent a month having a crisis of sorts where I didn't want to build anything with Legos because what was the point.

Also: the knots in my parents' unfinished pine bookshelves. They looked like horrible demonic faces, and they stil do.

@oreolek @bruno Honestly, I can't remember one episode from any of the serieses where the crew actually put on space suits before visiting a planet.

If you're looking at this critically—like my dad, who's a physics professor—it seems weird, but I could see how having the crew decked out in full protective gear could interfere with the dramatics of the plotline.

@ada One of the reasons I left Facebook was because of all the memes where people were gloating about how mean they were. "I have a PhD in being a sarcastic bitch lol! [image of 19th-century lady holding wine glass]" etc etc.

Contempt as a lifestyle is exhausting.

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While playing No Man’s Sky I've been turning my favorite screenshots from the game into classic sci fi novel covers. I've made three so far: Ascendant Eden, The Satellite Sun, and The Scavenger of Eden.

@grobolom Didn't know that—I guess I thought it was as simple as importing updates wholesale from other instances. I can see how limiting it to people who people on your instance think are worth following might make for a better stream.

@SarahXcellence Fifteen minutes, six boosts and sixteen stars, and nobody's made any parallels to capitalism or the patriarchy?

Are Millennials Losing Interest in Mastodon? Nice to see a face from the old days 🙂

I'm kind of a fair-weather friend to be honest—left for about a year, and only came back when surging Twitter awfulness brought some of my Twitter friends here.


@jwisser Gonna be a little weird, years from now, watching the 2018 reboot of "All the President's Men".

@fraying Neat! I thought that was a baby squirrel at first.

@grobolom (...and unless your instance has blocked pretty much everybody else, I'd think federated would be crazy no matter where you are.)

@grobolom Do you mean the local timeline or the federated timeline? Local is a little more reasonable, although on an instance like, it's still pretty fast. I thought federated was *every* instance, though—or at least the ones that your particular instance hasn't blocked. Basically as if you were seeing everything being posted to Twitter in real-time.

Wondering, as I have in the past, about the usefulness of the federated timeline. It's a firehose: scrolls way too fast to actually interact with anything on there, and even if you had time to read/click on something, over half the content is in languages I don't speak.

As a visualization of overall activity, it's pretty neat. As a practical feature, it's unusable.

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If you see two or more apps on the store, the one that has the most release history is the real one. 👍 Look for the doggo 🐺

If you accidentally downloaded a scam version, I cannot guarantee what it’s doing under the hood. I suggest revoking access to the app *immediately*.

@pixelpaperyarn The same guy also built The templates look pretty nice—great for tiny sites.

@vjgoh CW misuse has irritated me for as long as I've been on here. About 90% of the CWs I see are stupid things like "awoo" or rickrolls.

I think the feature is a good idea that the community just never respected. I've never seen anything on here that bothered me—I'd like a setting that just turns them off. At this point, I'm honestly just too lazy to go that extra step of clicking on them.

@Elizafox I think one fundamental principle of extremism is that it always tarnishes the ideas it considers most sacred.

There didn't have to be anything intrinsically toxic about patriotism, religion, or morality. But there is, and it wasn't the queer atheist peaceniks who damaged perception of these things—it's the people who spend every waking hour extolling flags, God, and decency.

Like, "Make America Great Again" was Obama's whole philosophy. But you hear that now and think "swastikas".

@jplebreton I think the worst UI they ever made was the one in iTunes to transfer files from apps to your computer, but I'm probably just mad because I was using it this afternoon and it's clunky and awful.

I honestly don't know whether Google is showing me this because it knows I'm male and cynically assumes that I prefer cute girls in overalls to overalls themselves, or because overalls have transitioned to a fashion statement for lifestyle influencers who think an outdoorsy touch will bolster their brand's authenticity.

The results don't change when I'm not logged in, so I'm guessing it's the latter.

(Guess I shouldn't be surprised, given that everything Paul Bunyan wore is now urbanite chic.)

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