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Honestly I spend most of my time secretly suspecting that everyone else on the internet doesn't exist.

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I was driving to work once and saw a bumper sticker that said, "Jesus is the answer." A few minutes later I saw another bumper sticker that said, "Who farted?" That was the best game of Highway Jeopardy ever!

Starting to realize that one of the things I like least about Facebook is the memes where people are boasting about how mean they are.

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Please continue buying me poison and I will ramble on with my uninformed opinions regarding the user interfaces of my wasted youth

How it always is.

Knowing what the right thing is, and still: running around the room, hyperactive and unresponsive.

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Current living situation:

I still need to find a place by the end of May, the sooner the better tbh. I may be able to work out keeping my current place if someone can the other room which is going for about 600. Though honestly finding a cheaper place is a much better option. I'm a 25 year old gay transwoman who works in tech looking for a roommate in Portland or Seattle (tho that would be a bigger move). If you know anyone also searching I'd appreciate reaching out!

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"i do not want the cybrespace federated timeline to become swallowed by Discourse"

Translation: "She was warned. Nevertheless, she persisted."

100 troll points to Slytheri—er, for concocting the ultimate shitpost in every sense of the word.

I would very much like to believe that the shit I am hearing tonight adds up to growing pains/learning experiences/figuring out what mistakes were made and what not to repeat.

As opposed to, say, the opening glimmers of the endemic obliviousness, apathy, and misogyny that makes Birdbook less tolerable by the day.

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If you see the admins of your instance doing some really freaking questionable shit like ooh say silencing the instance of a woman who was being vocal about her harassment, call them on it. If you see a colleague or boss flexing their patriarchy muscle, call them on it. Anywhere. Silence doesn't help us, it really doesn't; silence is akin to saying 'I'm going to let this happen'.

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I'm sorry, are us women being too loudly offended by you men harassing us? Should we be quieter for your benefit? Go back in the kitchen maybe, fetch you a beer, make you dinner?

Let me be clear.

I do not give fuck-all about being one with the fediverse. I think banning troll instances is good—neither I nor my friends here want to see that shit. I'd take a smaller, more civilized fediverse over a larger, uncivilized one any day.

Please do not respond to this with quavery-voiced tirades about your imagined freedoms. I will have my fun with you as long as your tired inanities entertain me, and then I will ignore you.

Speech is not sacred. Freedom is not anarchy.

Ginny mentioned the idea of a sort of Mastodon UN a while ago—a collection of instances where one can count on civility being enforced. I like this idea.

There has to be a place on the internet where harassment is not. There have to be places policed by conscientious admins who do not allow this behavior to happen. There has to be a point where abuse is not considered a point of debate.

This is the power of Mastodon over Twitter: we don't have to wait for a company to decide people matter.

Something bad happened here. I'm not clear on the details, but I'm gonna bet that:

(1) One or more people who should never have been let near a keyboard abused one or more people who didn't deserve it

(2) Assholes cried victim/repression after being called on their horrible behavior

(3) and we are back to square one in the great battle of civilized society vs free-speecher anarchists.

Lack of brands/VC won't kill Mastodon. Trolls will.

Ban them, silence them, remove them. Do not look back.

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I haven't completely caught up on all the details of Ginny's recent mastodon harassment though I want to express my full solidarity with Ginny. Fuck this shit.

I also want to express that the response to this issue as I'm sure everyone is aware will make or break, for a LOT of users including myself, the long-term viability of mastodon as a social networking platform. And it's not just the burden of administrators but on all the "good" men/"nice guys" who use this service.

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

No, I don't think so. Sometimes, holding onto anger is like retaining the memory of poison so your body becomes immune.

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Freaking out because some genius on StackOverflow solved—in three lines of CSS—something I spent at least an hour trying to do in increasingly complicated CSS, followed by Javascript.

I was glad to see stunned reactions from the other SO commenters because I would have felt like such a blithering idiot otherwise.

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