The current Folklore & Fiction dispatch and podcast are published. This month, I'm discussing ATU 365 "The Dead Bridegroom Carries off His Bride" and singing Child Ballad 272 variant "The Holland Handkerchief."

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Folklore & Fiction subscriber Nathan Waddell wrote me today to tell me that he had sold a story with the help of F&F materials. He also took the time to pen a lovely testimonial. I've excerpted it below, but you can read the rest here:

On tap: News about an upcoming theatrical production and a professional webinar, a handy list of the Folklore & Fiction genre series editions, a question about podcasting the archives, and a new copyright statement posted to my website.

After consultation with copyright and trademark counsel, I have prepared and published the following statement to my website.

In last week's episode of the podcast, I discussed fables in the context of ATU 60: "Fox and Crane Invite Each Other" and offered a writing prompt for working with the tale type. If you missed it, catch up here:

Last week's episode of the podcast introduced three important indexes of recurring plots and motifs found in folktales and discussed the relationship between art and fear. If you missed it, you can catch up here:

The January 2021 editions of the new Folklore & Fiction dispatch and podcast are published. This month, I'm introducing the ATU tale types to prepare us for a two-year exploration of folkloric motifs and plots from around the world.

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I'm not certain how I missed this, but my poem "Tiw, Tiw, Tiw: A Triple Invocation of Tyr for the 2019 Global Climate Strike" was published in the Summer Solstice 2020 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer. Here's the link. I do hope you enjoy it.

The Winter Solstice edition of the Folklore & Fiction newsletter is live. This month, I'm looking at the relationship between myth and astrophysics in my short story "T Is for Three (at the End of All Things)," published in the C IS FOR CHIMERA anthology.

This Yuletide, I'm participating in Rhonda Parrish's Giftmas blog tour to benefit the Edmonton food bank. She's asked us to write on the theme "Connections," so I've shared a few memories about our return home to Cape Breton from Toronto four days after the pandemic was declared.

The current issue of the Folklore & Fiction newsletter is live, and this month, I'm writing about performance with the help of scholars Dan Ben-Amos, Roger D. Abrahams, Richard Bauman and others, and the McGahan Lees Irish Dance Academy.

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