A new edition of the book Modern C is now available under a CC license via the following page

@cstrotm the link to the downloadable code is broken, but the file is available at :)

@jpmens Hmm, I did not had any issues with the download link on the page. But having a 2nd link is good.


Yes, right.

You've used a different path then me:

I've first clicked on "2.1 Downloads" and then on "". That gives me the same link you've posted.

I've not tested the direct link on the page, and yes, that is broken.

@cstrotm which proves that I am definitely lazier than you are for clicking on the direct link. 😜


It's not my book, I just distributed the information.


Tiens @bortzmeyer toi qui disais que le livre de Ritchie et Kerrigan était une catastrophe (si ma mémoire est bonne) en ce qu'il ne disait rien des erreurs à ne pas commettre en C, tu recommandes celui-ci?

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