The story around the sale of the .ORG TLD does not get better

I'm deeply worried.

@cstrotm - das Perverse daran ist ja "Ethos Capital" - allein schon quasi ein Oxymoron an sich, hat der ganze Vorgang so rein gar nichts mit Ethos zu tun... eigentlich muesste der Investor "Unethical Capital" heissen... Aber das Framing wurde wohl bewusst so gewaehlt...

@ij @cstrotm I've pretty much prepared everything to permanently shut down my personal .org domain. I'm waiting and watching for now, but I refuse to add to the coffers of the new owners after a sale like what seems will transpire now. Organizations with brand recognition do not have that flexibility.

Another problem is that unless .org now is sold to some other specifically designed non-profit, any trust in ISOC has utterly evaporated, even if the current sale is called off.

I meant to write "the trust in ISOC and any .org governance stability".

@Steinar @cstrotm - I registered a new .org domain shortly before the news did break through about the sale. Problem is that I tried to move some users with their mailaccounts over to the new domain. So it's awkward to tell them to change their mailaddress again.
As well my main mailaddress is on .org, but I have enough spare domains I can use.

But maybe .org is just the beginning and other TLDs will follow? Hmm... not good...

@ij @cstrotm Absolutely not good. Though, I guess the ccTLDs for industrial nations do their own thing, and will continue whatever they have been doing. Also, the truly commercial TLDs are already where .org is going. I think what I'm getting at is .org is somewhat special, both being non-profit focussed and with strong recognition. It was a prime target and also perhaps the worst case target. E.g. .com is already 100% commercial.

@cstrotm Jeepers. That's the kind of corporate shell game where you expect the last link sends you to a secret fortress in Antarctica.

@cstrotm It seems everything regresses to rent seeking in this modern age. :(

@cstrotm "We believe in transparency, but no CEO has ever had their name given to the public before." -everyone involved in this mess, including ICANN themselves from the sound of things

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