I am a current member of ISOC German chapter.

I have asked the board of the German ISOC about the .ORG sale, but their answers did not convince me that the sale is any good.

I fear ISOC is lost to the money.

I waited for positive developments around the .ORG sale.

Critical voices coming from ISOC NL and CA.

But it seems neither ISOC Board nor ICANN are listening.

I decided to leave ISOC. That is sad. 🙁

This whole .ORG sale has got me wishing for a DNS replacement, to make ICANN obsolete.


Replacing DNS will not work until the whole Internet will be replaced with something new.

Overlay-Networks like TOR or IPFS/IPNS can be seen as an alternative to DNS for some appliacations, but DNS in the Internet will be with us forever.

And if you want to publish something outside the geek-space, you need to use DNS.

@loweel @omni

DHT is a fine technical solution, but the problem here is not a technical problem.

It is impossible to introduce a new large scale naming service in the Internet. Microsoft tried to introduce a DHT based name resolution service with PNRP back with Windows 7, but they did not get any deployment.

IPNS is a DHT as far as I understand, but it is a naming service for a specific network (IPFS).

DHT will not replace DNS for Internet Protocols

@cstrotm @loweel
I know, although I rather say "really hard" than "impossible". It was more of an expression of disappointment in the ICANN organisation.

PNRP also seem to be seen only in the windows space, perhaps due to patents or just microsoft.

@cstrotm @loweel
If not a replacement for DNS, something coexisting that is readily available to all.

If nothing before, perhaps the .ORG sale is, or will be, a wake-up call for more people to think of and work on these problems.

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