My workshop instructions and slides from the Northern Virginia Linux Users Group meeting today

Nix and NixOS - the future of Linux Distributions

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Oh wow NoVA LUG is still going? I started my exploration with DC LUG!

I was thinking of giving a talk to DC SAGE about Guix :)

@emacsen A talk about Guix would be wonderful.

Please let me know if that will be online or recorded

@cstrotm Have you seen this talk by a Nix-er on Guix?

I found it very illustrative of the differences:

My takehome is that while Nix was the first[1], Guix's cleaner design makes it more attractive.

[1] I think RPath is actually closer to the first.

@emacsen No, thank you. I will watch it.

I've tested NixOS and GuixSD two years ago, and stuck with NixOS. I already have a Thinkpad x230 that I will use for GuixSD, I "just" need to find some spare time ...

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