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honestly, for real, not even kidding,, they should make tron 3 but make it GAY as SHIT

kinda sounds like the new hades meta is zeus/dionysus/demeter

TIL the political movement to get the US government to open Oklahoma to settlement by white people was led by a group that called themselves "Boomers"

I've won my last 5 hades runs, I should really turn up the heat but I need to finish beating it with all the weapons first

I used to think localization engineering was like an episode of House. I was wrong; it’s more like an episode of The Knick.

kind of want to stream some hades, a game i like a lot but am not very good at

'You are a clever little monster,' said the Doctor, tossing off another cognac and placing the glass upon the table with a click. 'A diabolically clever little monster.'
'That is what I hoped you would realize, Doctor,' said Steerpike. 'But haven't all ambitious people something of the monstrous about them? You, sir, for instance, if you will forgive me, are a little bit monstrous.'

My 10 year-old outlined a version of Tottally Accurate Battle Simulator he invented using paper chits that's a head-to-head game where you spend money to select units from a shared pool using a snake draft mechanic, and it seems like a better game.

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Basically only watching Slay the Spire streamers now, because they’re the only ones not playing Apex question marrrrrk

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still not ready to talk publicly about what they did to yet

It’s the holiday season, time to drink exactly one cup of egg nog and watch the Monkees perform “Riu Chiu” youtu.be/c_hlYgCNFZc

Spoilers for "Ice Age: Collision Course" 

In a hotel with the kids over the weekend, watched the final third of "Ice Age: Collision Course", the fourth (!) sequel in mediocre but increasingly bizarre "Ice Age" animated movies. The plot of this movie revolves around a group of animals triggering a volcanic explosion to fire a bunch of magnetic rocks into orbit to DIVERT THE PATH OF AN ONCOMING ASTEROID. It's remarkable.

detective pikachu laying absolute waste to the tootline today

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