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I did not realize Japanese internment was a plot point in this film. (Also I forgot we already explained Korematsu to the kids, but apparently we did.)

This movie is about toxic masculinity

Ralph Macchio is extremely charming. Also, how is he movie 120 minutes long?

hello I am watching the karate kid for the first time. also, my children are watching the karate kid for the first time.

setting up a private mastodon instance where you can play tradewars 2002 and lands of devastation

My kids have put me in charge of movie selection for movie night for them and the pressure is intense

In a weird place with mastodon because while I prefer it here, I am slightly more comfortable tweeting about my kids (which is, like, too much of what I do) from a protected account

The Hunt for Red October features two of the archetypal cinematic nerd characters who were important to me as a teen: Jonesy the sonar guy (played, it turns out, by a young Courtney B. Vance!) and the russian engineer who just chain-smokes cigarettes and looks at people quizzically

The Hunt for Red October is streaming on prime, this is not a drill

"gagron & the helldude' sounds like a morning radio show

I’m rebooting Gossip Girl, but Blair Waldorf is a gamer now

One of the few good things about this disaster of a Quakes season is that they signed this fellow during the summer transfer window, who has both vastly improved the defense and also seems like a pretty good person in general

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"Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup" by John Carreyrou 

I did it, I played Darkest Dungeon for more than 10 minutes


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"Provenance", by Ann Leckie 

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