Today, we are happy to announce that we have released our CTemplar mobile code as open source! With this, we continue our mission for open source email software and encryption that we are dedicated from day one here at CTemplar.

In this article, we’ll look at the two most important technologies journalists should use to stay safe, as well as a secure email service that will help them stay anonymous.

CTemplar is a secure and anonymous email service that provides state-of-the-art protection for all your email data so you don’t have to fear hackers anymore.

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, business email compromise attacks and email account compromise attacks were responsible for $1.7 billion in reporting losses due to fraud out of $3.5 billion in 2019.

Most email providers record and store your personal data, including your IP address. CTemplar does not, allowing you to use it completely anonymously.

In this article, we are going to explore what is zero-knowledge encryption, why it might be better than regular passwords, its advantages and we’ll throw in a zero-knowledge authentication example or two for good measure.

scammers also like to exploit human fears and lack of knowledge. Even though marijuana has been legal in some states for a decade or two, for many it’s still a taboo to even mention that they’re buying it.

Are you looking for a secure email for lawyers? Sign up for CTemplar Encrypted Email and ensure that your communication with clients is anonymous and protected.

What do you do when, for instance, you realize that an employee email has been compromised? Or if a data breach has occurred?

While this eliminates the risk of someone getting infected by the coronavirus and spreading it to his or her coworkers, it also presents a new digital security challenge with the now recently-turned remote workers perhaps being at a greater risk of online phishing, scam or malware.

The COVID 19 pandemic has forced most organizations to leave their offices and shift more toward working remotely and from home. This is causing a bigger reliance on email to communicate within the organization and, as such, more risk for email phishing, scam and other fraud.

what can you do to prevent the same from happening to you and to protect your email from a spear phishing attack?

Spam and phishing emails are often far from benign and may contain malware in them that the hacker can use to penetrate your email. According to Verizon 92% of malicious software is delivered through your email inbox.

PGP is a combination of two encryption standards: symmetric and asymetric. That way, PGP can take the best out of both, namely the security of asymmetric, public-key cryptography and the efficiency of symmetric encryption.

This article is about to show you that not only anxiety-suffering hoodie-wearing hackers like Elliot are using the dark web. Regular people, with no anarchistic inclinations, also use the dark web, especially if they want, for whatever reason, to stay anonymous online.

However, the web that we know and use every day is only the surface part of the entire world wide web (WWW). There is much more of the web hidden from the normal search engines.

When using Gmail it is important to understand how the email service protects your privacy and information.
This is done through encryption.
Encryption is a process that takes the readable text and alters it into a ciphertext. The ciphertext appears random and can only be read by someone with the right decryption key.

There are other things besides hackers that you should be concerned about when emailing. One of them is Google itself as they might be reading your emails without your knowledge. They’ve already been caught doing that and have now “kindly” stopped.
Now they have bots scanning your emails for valuable data about you.

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