The Darknet can be an inviting place for one looking for anonymity on the Internet, but it’s far from a place where you should wander carefree. Many cybersecurity risks are lurking behind every corner and nook of the Darknet.

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2020 is almost at an end (thankfully). And while we certainly can’t say it was a particularly good year, considering the global pandemic, for some it was even worse as they’ve been victims to email scams, BEC, phishing attacks and data breaches.

There you go. 27 biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to email security. I hope this article will help you be better prepared and keep your email account secure.

An encrypted is an email message that is protected using either a pair of public keys or one public key for encrypting the message and a private key (known only to the recipient) for decrypting the message.

Have you received an email that appears to have been sent by someone you know but you had a feeling there was something just off with it?

Hopefully, you have already installed anti-malware software that checks for viruses in email attachments. Now you also need a secure email that will help you keep your email data encrypted, like CTemplar: Armored Email.

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Regular email services like Gmail, Outlook and YahooMail today do a solid job of keeping spam away from your inbox, but won’t really protect you against phishing attacks, especially those more sophisticated ones.

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The need to send secure email has seemingly never been greater than today. As 2020 is drawing to a close it has, on more than a few occasions, showed us why we need encrypted email now more than ever.

what to do if your email is exposed on the dark web, or your credit card number, SSN, online passwords? How to make sure that you are not a victim of fraud and identity theft?

In this article, we will explain Backdoor Encryption, why the government is so keen on introducing another way to spy on its citizens and why it’s a fundamentally bad idea.

CTemplar is an open-source secure email service that enables you to send encrypted email messages and attachments using the strongest OpenPGP encryption available.

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Instead of using services that allow such serious email security bugs and then take forever to fix them, it’s time to start using an email provider that really thinks about your security.

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