have we crossed the point where > 50% of english speakers aren't native english speakers yet & have linguists determined what that means for grammaticality

God: you’re black and white.

Orca: like a penguin?

God: yes but you’re not a penguin.

Orca: oh.

God: you swim in the ocean.

Orca: like a penguin!

God: you are not a penguin!

Orca: oh.

God: you eat fish.

Orca: [gasp].

God: [sigh].

Orca: i’m the chubbiest penguin!

"The sales figures for the Experiencer are in."
"Great! How are we doing? Lots of 'orgy' and 'winning fight' sold?"
"Some. The runaway hit is 'calm safety hug', the calibration exp."
"Because it's free?"
"Even people who bought other exps return to it."
"Make a premium version."

Hihi, gerade den Hamsterkalender für das nächste Jahr vorbestellt :).

Ist von meiner:m liebsten Hamsterpainter, GOTTE* und wird glücklicherweise auch nach DE verschickt. Leider erst im Oktober. Naja, Zukunfts-Pflaster wird sich freuen ^^.


extra love for all my enby friends today :blobcatheart: :nonbinary_flag:

Heute! Ab 13 Uhr im New Yorck/Bethanien in Berlin:


Zusammensein und dabei Kohle für einen Rechtshilfefond für Trans & Inter sammeln.

Spread the word & kommt vorbei!

remember in artemis fowl when the bad guy was like "and who's going to stop me?" and artemis said "my magical fairy friends." and they bad guy laughed and said "well your fairy friends are more than welcome to try"

which was great because magical creatures need permission to enter a human dwelling and artemis was wearing a wire so all his faerie friends could hear

Studie der HU Berlin zu Geschlechtsauswahl-Formularen.

Sehr meta ^^ die Eingangsfragen finde ich faszinierend, und fühlt es sich sehr nach „da steckt eins von uns dahinter“ an <3

Dauert ca 20min.


Uuuh, was ein tolles Feature, das ich gerade in meinen Notifications entdeckte: Mensch wird informiert, wenn 1 Poll, in dem mensch mitgestimmt hat, abgeschlossen wurde??!


Das ist soooooo sinnvoll! Mastodon ist die Zukunft!

Sapphic Pride Flag+ 

"We wish to speak with your seventh son."
"I only have six sons."
"Impossible! Are you not, yourself, a seventh son?"
"I am."
"But you have only six offspring?"
"No, Merle, my daughter-"
"Dad," Merle said, "they speak truth. I... I haven't told you, but... I am your seventh son."

Thank you so much for the fundraising, and donation matching!

Here are the results, and the matched donation is $230


Thank you kindly!

Ey oop, it’s International #Nonbinary Day this Sunday, 14th July!

Mastodon Meta, Hinweis auf die Existenz von CNs & Bildbeschreibung 

Super simple Mastodon trick: Using a hashtag to point to an interesting topic / conversation, while posting as "unlisted" --> no spamming that conversation with that pointer!

The gender binary is a cis problem, and you don't have to address it as a nonbinary person if you don't want to.

You only have to live your life as you wish.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity #genderbinary

This is bizarre but true: in older (and by that I mean largely pre-1900) English printed alphabets, the character & was printed at the end, and was memorized as a 27th character.

It was recited in the alphabet as "per se and", meaning "'and' by itself". So the end of the alphabet went "X, Y, Z, and per se and."

The phrase "and per se and" eventually got contracted - and is how we got today's name for the symbol: ampersand.

No, really: merriam-webster.com/dictionary

A wholesome story for you <3 

Boosting TERFs in outrage is promoting TERFs. I know because that month the French lesbians furiously RTed me everywhere, outraged that I had no lesbian flag handwarmers, was the best month of handwarmer sales I've ever had, in JUNE, to FRANCE. Don't boost the TERFs, friends.

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