I find it so disappointing that out of all the things pronouns could represent somehow we have ended up with gender. We could have pronouns that represent the relationship you have with the person you're talking about or whether they're a cat or dog person (or maybe both or neither?) or something else cool. Instead we get gender, which is a personal and sensitive subject for some people and basically gives people an excuse to try and figure out someone's gender and/or sex, which tbh, isn't any of their business in most situations. It's such a personal thing that has to be made public just so people can talk about you in third person.

Eine Freundin einer Freundin sucht nach Kinder-/Jugendbüchern mit Hauptfiguren, bei denen das Geschlecht unklar bleibt. Wahrscheinlich Deutsch bevorzugt, aber Englisch auch ok. Fällt wem was ein? (cc @rhonda @minx @kex_nom )

edit: nichtbinäre Protagonist_innen (von Kinder-/Jugendbüchern) werden auch gesucht. (Und, ist nicht so wichtig, ist für eine Uni-Sache.)

The postponed bookclub for The Fifth Season (NK Jemisin) is finally here! I was so sad to cancel it due to flooding.
So, I finally finished the geode cupcakes and jewel shard cake that I planned weeeeeeks ago. The geodes and shards have been living in a box for a month but it's just sugar so they're fine.
Tutorials for geodes if you wanna try making some:
instructables.com/id/Geode-can This is what I used for these.
howtocookthat.net/public_html/ This is one I've used previously which I think worked better.

I also want this kinda treatment with POC and queer characters. I know there are feminist arguments about "erasing one's identity" or some shit but come ON, no white dude hero ever reflects on being white or male, so fuckin thank you, Captain Marvel movie.

I don't think wonder woman can ever do that (i mean, not her origin story anyway) since her whole deal is that she came from an island of women, she's "the woman hero" in a franchise where the most memorable/recognizable female characters are villains or sidekicks (eg Harley, Catwoman, Supergirl, etc).

and like full disclosure i fucking love game of thrones, and this guy's knowledge is pretty encyclopedic, it's impressive, but my guy, you are fully putting this girl off ever watching this series, just say "it's good i love it 10/10 recommend" and then switch the conversation to something that you can both relate to, i am begging you

oh no.... there's a teenage boy on the bus explaining the entire plot of game of thrones to a teenage girl who is desperately trying to look interested and clearly knows nothing about it and has no interest in watching it

my love, my sweet girl, you do not have to feign interest in littlefinger's backstory, run while you can

An alle, die heute fürs Klima streiken und demonstrieren: Lasst euch nicht von den alten Säcken die Stimmung verderben. Ihr macht das völlig richtig. Und habt jedes Recht, euch für die Zukunft des Planeten einzusetzen. Danke, dass die euch nicht egal ist! #FridaysForFuture

It's ok if you sometimes question if you are actually nonbinary. Every lgbtq and queer person does.

But, if being nonbinary gives you clarity and peace now, then that is all you need to know.

You don't need to worry too much about the details.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #lgbtq #nonbinarypride

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#kind ist so happy, weil es von der Lichtschranke an der Supermarkttür endlich wahrgenommen wird.

So a couple of days ago I was looking into eBay Kleinanzeigen actually to look if there was any secondhand cheap piano we could put in the livingroom of our shared flat but I didn’t find that instead I came across a #celtic #harp wich was extremely cheap I thought this couldn’t be good so I sent a message and visited the woman next day to play live but it sounded wonderful so I got it and I’m very happy
Here’s an improv with my new harp soundcloud.com/fatmadiversa/he

Today I learned: There is a gender-neutral equivalent to niece and nephew. "Nibling." And it dates back to well before I was born, too! Bonus!

Tell all your enbuddies. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. I know I did.


There are two surveys going on right now:

THE GENDER CENSUS (@gendercensus)
Short, non-intrusive, annual, 10,000 people so far.

A?AB (me)
Longer, asks about gender assigned at birth, transition details, etc. 600 people so far.

But if you say you're "feeling down" it's the exact opposite of "feeling up"

Why does "I'm down for X" mean the same thing as "I'm up for X"?

Einmal die local timeline aufgemacht und direkt 3+ toots die eine content warning gebraucht hätten und bestimmt ein weiteres halbes Dutzend ohne Bildebeschreibung gesehen. #accessibility ist wichtig!

When asking if people are intersex in the survey, how do I allow undiagnosed people to say “yeah I’m seriously considering that I am, actually?” while also making it clear to non-intersex people that if you’re not really sure then you’re probably not?

If your gender isn’t described by the M/F binary, please come and take part in this survey.

PLEASE NOTE that it asks questions about intimate topics like the gender you were assigned at birth, your hormones, surgeries you’ve had, etc.


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