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if the system shock remake doesn't let you romance shodan then i'm pretty much done with games

Hackers: Knock Knock
IoT: Who's there?
Hackers: admin admin

Thanks to I now have yet another reason to stay far away from Oracle:

kojima: *extremely blatant imagery of oil spills, beached whales, global warming, pollution, and the human body being a disposable tool of unknowing & unseen forces*

gamers: we just dont know what this game is about

Time to pull out of cryptocurrencies, this stuff is getting too high risk. I should get back into russian roulette though...

I should probably tell them to go segfault themselves and hand it over to a capable delivery service like Hermes or DHL...

I think i genuinely hate UPS. I can't sign up for their website, can't schedule a delivery day when I'm home... Or at all tbh. Oh and if I want to pickup the package at their access point they refuse to allow me to use the one down the street. I gotta drive all the way next city over.

PSA for people who #code:

Looking stuff up does NOT make you bad at coding.

"Not having to look up stuff" is NOT the benchmark for a good coder, especially as coders have to look up stuff ALL THE TIME!

And I don't mean highly advanced stuff, but stuff like "How does division work again?" or "What's that function called?" or my personal favorite "How to I nest for loops in list comprehensions?".

It's ok if you have to look up stuff!

#coding #adventofcode

The 2017 Mastodon Mini-Census is here!
It's only 10 questions, so it's nice and short :]

Please boost this so we can get as many responses as possible

One of our Professors is litteraly stupid AF: Prepares Ubuntu VM for students. Installs Putty.

I have no Coffee and I must scream

BuddyNS is a cool FreeBSD-based Secondary DNS hosting platform but I am leaving them. I finally hit the monthly query limit and I would gladly pay for premium services but they don't accept anything except Paypal via an actual Paypal account or wire transfer if you're buying a lot of service.

I refuse to have a Paypal account. Those bastards stole $900 from me years ago.

Today I woke up with my earplugs still in. Forgot to charge my phone over night.

Today is a bad day.

Finally home from work, now to get stressed over reports.

it's 6 in the morning, my coffee tastes shit and the cornflakes are soggy. 'Tis gonna be a fun day.

Apparently Apple decided that clicking a lot on the login button is sufficient authentication. If you click a lot it must be srs bsns

I have that dreaful feeling again. You know the one. Where you get home, slam your backpack into the floor and think "shite, I have to write 8 pages of report for university, it's 19:30 and I want more alcohol in my body"

writing a kernel reminds me of my favorite quote of james mickens;

"When you debug [...] an OS kernel, you do it Texas-style. You
gather some mean, stoic people, people who have seen things
die, and you get some primitive tools, like a compass and a
rucksack and a stick that’s pointed on one end, and you walk
into the wilderness and you look for trouble"

I decided the easiest way to learn rust is to write an OS kernel in it.

When you want to learn how to swim, the best starting point is to jump into the ocean during a hurricane.