What Mahima Kukreja did is the biggest disservice to the whole movement. Now even genuine victims will be dragged into suspicion and social media trial.
What a disappointing turn of events!

Breaking : Swedish Prosecutor drops Julian Assange rape prob

One of the most poignant statements that has stayed with me came from a disgusted volunteer doctor from NZ in India who said...

"How is it possible that you Indians treat your living poor with even less dignity that your dead animals?"

I am glad that I left Kerala before pazham pori (sweet banana fritter) with beef curry became the fad - Gravest sin committed against beef curry in the history of the earth!!!
ഇതിലും ഭേദം അലുവേം മത്തികറിയും അല്ലേ?! 😏😏 ബിരിയാണിയിൽ പൈനാപ്പിൾ ഇട്ട ആളെ പോലും ഇത്രേം തെറി വിളിച്ചിട്ടില്ല😢

Nine years after joining
Twitter, it’s time for me to also try a new medium

To connect, find me at: mastodon.social/@DerekOBrien

Why can't the Supreme court of India give Sabarimala to women, and give men 5 acres of land to build a men only temple?! After all everything is to bring peace in the society na?! 🙄🙄😑

Gogoi J has spoiled my predicting ratio of Supreme Court judgments. My predictions are so bad now I might as well call myself an economist

Israel is killing Palestinian kids.
American kids are killing american kids
Pollution and malnutrition is killing indian kids

Thewire.in is now on mastodon
Welcome @thewire . Hope bombaywallah & svaradarajan will be here soon.

Let's welcome @DerekOBrien - author, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) - to #Mastodon!

Good to see you here, Derek ☺️🙏

#India #TootNotTweet 🐘

Also, apart from the lack of quote toot feature. The fact that the metrics aren't obviously visible also makes it a peaceful place. So when I say a trollish-call out toot, I need to
1) click in the link of the toot to see what it is.
2) Click again to see the number of favs retoots
Which I'm not going to mostly do, cause it's too much effort.
On twitter the fact that both of the information is readily available, encourages emotional inflammation. Which is why it's a draining experience.

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How many of you remember to give enough time to BJP, in July 2017, Bihar Governor Keshrinath Tripathi was hospitalised?
From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, these Governors acts like stooges of Dilli Sultanate. This post must be abolished.

Photo Essay | Kakshapati explained that chhaupadi has been transferred over several generations, and so, “fear runs deep: fear of angering the gods, fear of being labeled immoral, fear of being ostracised by the community, fear of change.”

Uma Bista in: bit.ly/2o1zwnu

Newslaundry journalist @sighyush went all the way to Ayodhya to see how TV channels are covering the .

In this hilarious account, he describes how ABP News and Aaj Tak were competing to attract crowds for their 'debate shows'.

And once again, we’re engaging in what is fast becoming our nation’s favourite pastime: sending cops to university campuses to beat up college kids. -_-

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