Missing the config file on my laptop for some reason, so working from my phone today until I can fix it. :)

On our : Every tab created in mobile and desktop browsers is fully containerized by default. New URLs would open in new tabs and a one-button cleanup would be added. This isolation would simply deny inter-site tracking completely.


If you write for personal or professional reasons, consider adding a "Privacy Impact" column to your planning sessions.

When we develop that ensure personal , we create a more marketable product.

The public is getting more and more educated about privacy and . It's the right time to differentiate your product from "theirs"!

Since I was a kid I've wanted to learn how to complete a cube. Today I did without reference. 😀

How Leaders Make Failure Their Friend

"When you’re a leader, failure is your friend. In leadership, it’s not a question of if you fail, it’s a question of when—and how you respond."


Came home to some material. Had good recommendations, so excited to dive in!

"Observing the balance of roles in a team offers an extraordinary insight into its dynamics. It also indicates the likelihood of success or failure for an assigned task."


I know I'm guilty of expecting anything I "need" to solve a multitude of problems it has nothing to do with. Planners have been no exception. I think I've tried all of them and this post sums up the experience quite well. becomingminimalist.com/planner

"Are you striving for survival, success, or significance?"

“The difference relates to what @ScottAdamsSays@twitter.com called the difference between systems and goals. When you plan to start, you undertake planned activities to end in a functioning system where habits can flow. ” @breakingsmart@twitter.com buff.ly/2YacprW @vgr@twitter.com

Finally found my old ! Handed it off to my 8 year old son and he is really into it. :)

My oldest wanted a for his birthday this year. He was so pumped to start learning how to solve it today! Dad is even getting the hang of the finishing methods. :)

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