I need to do a post/video about the features of iPadOS that I actually use. It's a pretty short list

Wow iPadOS 13.1 Beta is terrible for UI resets. Every other app I open causes a UI crash

If you run an analytics plugin, you should have a "staging" mode for sites in staging that doesn't print the code on the page so that we don't polute our search results

Kids are up, oatmeal is served. Now for coffee, and then I need to pack all the food for our camping trip.

Once the kids are done watching a movie, need to round up the stuff for pizza and take them grocery shopping. Then...home I guess because a camping trip needs to get packed and my wife is away until the night before the camping trip

alright, today goal, find exercise shirt, tomorrow goal, wear exercise shirt and go check out these pokestops and gym

Enough apps updated...or iPadOS got enough fixes...that I can code in my iPad full time again. I’ve missed this

Sigh...helps if I actually publish the page I wanted to link to

Feeling quite tired today after 8 hours in the mountains yesterday and a 0645 meeting this morning

I wrote a tutorial yesterday afternoon as I added an edit link to the Frontend of my Statamic site


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