Got github action CI/CD going today for a WordPress project and almost touched up some 6-year-old code on automatic configuration of environments for WP staging/live. Need to finish that off tomorrow and such

Going to devote today to learning Github Actions so I can put CI processes into my WordPress projects

Anyone know of a theme that displays full posts (instead of excerpts) on the homepage?

IDGAF about SEO. I just want something that feels like a "classic" blog.

Had a solid run today. Legs were tired from 8km threshold yesterday but the cardio system felt good so I ran fairly hard and while it wasn’t my fastest time it was a good time up and down a mountain

Lately, I’m not extra tired or anything, but boy do I want more coffee than I have in the past

Love that I can remap capslock to escape now on iPadOS. Need to do it for each keyboard I plug in though.

Found both my trail shoes and my road running shoes on sale today for 25% off. Order 2 pairs of each in different colours. So that’s my running shoes for the year purchased.

Okay, so a keyboard case with a trackpad was actually pretty bad because the trackpad sucked...but I keep missing a trackpad on my iPad now. That expensive Apple case is looking more and more likely to be at my house.

Watching teams new to online calls is pretty funny. They're now trying to figure out how to get screen sharing to work in Zoom.

Maybe my respond to all this COVID stuff should be to do no client work on Friday and just do what I want from my house.

I’ve worked some really long days, and some weekends recently so today I’m stopping now and it’s 1315. Lunch then some risk with my daughter. Then a treadmill needs to get assembled and tested.

Was looking through client task backlog and realized that there wasn’t much to do. Looked through the old system and...well there is 30 hours of billable work for next month.

2k words done on an inexpensive keyboard case with trackpad for an iPadPro. Record tomorrow and will have the video up in a week or two.

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