We were planning on visiting “home” that we moved away from just before Christmas this weekend. Now I have at least one kid that says there sick so that trip may be out the window.

I guess the positive is that I got asked for about 20 extra things from clients this week so I could spend the “driving” day doing that and still take a 4-day weekend.

4 layers deep in bower, npm, gulp we find the conflict. I’m not convinced that all this development “automation” saves any time. I think it obfuscates so many potential conflicts.

Plus there are security risks installing npm packages.

Release the first 3 videos about Obsidian and Things 3 to members today. Once we have more task management videos done I’ll make the course available for purchase and put it on Skillshare: curtismchale.ca/courses/obsidi

Become a member: curtismchale.ca/membership

PKM Weekly came out this morning if you’re looking for the latest in taking notes and producing stuff with them.


Found some rot in my steps (okay I knew it was there). Pulled them all off and painted the edge of the deck as I get ready to redo the whole surface.

Waiting for a client that’s late for a call…yup I’m billing them because this is the call time they booked. Yes I’ll bill them when the call actually happens as well.

Looked up some reviews on the pedals on my bike, seems there is an issue with this model and a pin keeps coming out. Well they were free out of the bin at the shop so…guess I buy a pair this time instead of taking the cast off pedals.

Getting to add some accessibility stuff to a site before we push the release later. It’s all about removing icons from the “focus” on keyboards. Not hard just a bunch of typing.

Tried playing Halo on my iPad via Xbox Cloud Gaming. Overall, pretty good. Few stutters and one or two big pauses, but I expected it to be far worse.

But on a good note, I found a nice ovelook of the city and was only rained on 50% of the time on a ride today

Starting documentation for getting this system up locally with the title “Here is all the broken stuff with no plan to fix”

Wonder how the client will feel about that as a title in their internal documentation.

I have no idea why people like “hot corners” in macOS. They just get in the way…for me.

Doing some client research that will double as my YouTube video for the week. Nice to double up on stuff sometimes.

Been renovating this weekend. Found ugly wallpaper and then had to pull drywall off and reinsulate

Looks like the answer is yes I do need to do more than just allow the file, at least according to this plugin from !@10up wordpress.org/plugins/safe-svg

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