There we go, basic Statamic site is up and running now to see about code with it

lately the size of WordPress plugins has been killing me too. 30MB really? What on earth needs that much crap in it?

I’ll keep beating this drum: do *not* use smart TVs. Don’t connect them to the Internet. Use them *only* as dumb display devices for other computers. Buy an Apple TV or a Roku or a Fire if you want that kind of functionality, but *do not* use the buggy, exploitable spyware built into a “smart” TV.

Samsung tells homes to virus-check TVs

Well that didn't work, guess spreading the first time setup of a totally new system across a friday->monday wasn't a good idea. maybe I'll try and tackle it in one shot tonight

Let's see about getting a basic statamic site running

I still listen to Tron Legacy almost weekly as I'm coding

Been doing research for a while but it’s time to just install and break statamic to learn it

I loathe google docs for collaborating on content that will end up in WordPress. So much extra formatting to do

Feet in socks 

Getting older is a pile of bullshit, my friends. I can't even drink, any weather over 80F makes me sick, and fitting a stand for my heavy bag into the car is a challenge beyond me.

Well look at that, I take out all the "hacky" code that started to overlay on something weird to get back to the foundation and start again...and it just works as I want with a small 2 line change. Now, let's hope I didn't break something I'm not aware of.

Time to stop hacking around old decisions and just rip this out and start again.

That's a bunch of work ... 😐

The only reason you're still using vim is because you haven't figured out how to exit the program. 😁

Yikes, it was $40 to ship $30 batteries to Canada so I shipped them to a drop in the US and that will cost me $3

If you’re looking to switch from #Dropbox or other cloud service to #iCloud, I took the same journey a little while ago and wrote a guide.

The main requirements are a Mac and a file sync utility like ChronoSync:

Looks like I need to purchase replacement batteries for my Steelseries Wireless headset. Pull one out of the ear cup and it’s bulged enough that it won’t fit in the charger. At least they’re on $30

Almost 2000 words into capture for DEVONthink To Go (iOS) and I still have like 6 things to cover. Includes around 20 screenshots.

Then...I get to do it all for DEVONthink 3 on macOS

Oh look, I turn off the ad crap a client is running and the site gets so much faster. I’m totally surprised

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