New iPad Pro stand in so I can get back to an ergonomic iPad setup. These USB C hubs have such stupid short cables though. Already ordered and 18” extension cable to fix that crappy hub hanging off the side thing

Been finding the iPad Pro has just decent enough speakers that I haven't bothered hooking them up to my regular desk speakers for the few times I'm not using headphones in the office

Also...where is my new iPad stand so I can get back to a decent ergonomic setup?

Oooo wait, I have that new screen protector for my iPad I should put that on

Waiting for a largish I guess I read on the clock

Eh tried a new coffee thing at Starbucks...dud need to stop trying new stuff here because it’s never as good as I hope

Been finding the hardest part of YouTube videos is finding thumbnails that stick with my Lego theme and go with the content

Mast has been crashing on my iPad often lately. Any other recommendations for iOS clients?

Pixave as Digital Asset Management for iOS (it’s terrible)

“One of the places that iOS lacks is it’s Digital Asset Management. Sure, the typical home user has no issues.”

Being the least sick adult in a house of sick people extra sucks

Hrm, have the iPad in my office now and ... I need a new stand for this thing. Hacky hacky for now it seems.

Doing more video work has me wanting that 80d for video and to keep the 60d for photos so I can do both at the same time

Ugh slept terribly last night. Kept thinking of video projects to do for the year. Now to write some down and try to muddle through the day

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