Do we hike or spend the afternoon hanging out as a family playing games and doing puzzles

"When to put down the tools" by Mike Monteiro

"If you walk out of your job in protest, *you* have a problem. But if you can talk your entire department into walking out with you, then *your company* has a problem."

Another good money post, this one by Darius Foroux
—Curtis McHale

“This note made me smile from Darius Foroux: “All my problems will be solved once I have a little bit more cash on hand.””

Justin Jackson on Finances and Cutting Expenses
—Curtis McHale

“Jackson says in regard to his $4400/month expense burn: This wasn’t as big of a deal when revenue was high.”

Does anyone know a cloud service that does file tagging? Something with 2TB of storage at least?

The one thing I don’t like about duckduckgo is the lack of filtering for results within a year. A month just seems to short

The more video I do the more it looks like I’ll need the 1TB iPad which feels ouchy to spend

Put together an overhead shot for some of my paper planning. Videos will be on YouTube over the next number of weeks

@bsscdt thanks for the mention on Twitter. Was going to reply there but saw you were here so this is a much better spot

Based on my traffic someone at O’Reilly linked to my post on iPad web development can’t figure out where though

Uploading the final proof of my next book to Amazon. Available for preorder (and the lowest price) here:

If I was guessing now, I’d guess that my Things 3 walk through will be around 6000 k words. That’s likely 30 minutes of video. Yes I’ll have a written version as well with screenshots and such

one chapter left to proof in my next book before I can finish the setup. It's available for preorder now

Manually setup on today so I can get more familiar with the whole thing.

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