First time I used two VBOs in a render pass. Didn't know glVertexAttribPointer has this magic in it. Also coded two colours in a single uint, which sparks joy. (Had to copy it for each vertex of a quad, which isn't. Faster geometry shaders pls. Or triangle attributes or something.)

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My favourite is MaryDeath, but Cat's Cafe is also a really good comic

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maybe it is all about tools and experience, but my pen doesn't ask for subscription or spying on me

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I hate that in non-digital, you can create with elegant uniqueness with ease, while I suffer to make a decent scene in pixels -- but with digital the joy is to make it interactive, so I'm not changing yet.

I have a public build of Tangerine on itch now if anyone is interested. Currently only the Windows build is available. This also is Lua-only at the moment.

yeah umm maybe not
IntBuffer pWidth = stack.mallocInt(1); // int*

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LWJGL has Vulkan binding, might make learning easier than C. Question is, do I want to install Java? Couldn't find any Python binding I would trust.

Huh, I have a graphical OpenCL app. Don't know if it worth it, needs a serious optimization.

Anyway, my GPU babel project is starting to look something:

But even in these small programs, there are way too many bugs. Maybe GPU programming is not for me after all.

Dear Khronos, seriously?
OpenGL: genType fract(genType x)
OpenCL: gentype fract(gentype x, gentype *itpr)

Not just GPUs are getting pricier (not only the shortage, anyway), they consume more so they will die sooner. 75W please.

These are hex grids, with complex functions (transformations) applied. Moving the grid gives a nice kaleidoscope-like thing.

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