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I want to get a surface I think but I can't decide if I want to drop the money...I wish you could like, rent one for a week lmao

Eating soup I made, accompanied by bread that I made. This is the pinnacle of human achievement.

Lol it's traffic directors day today and they gave cards and bottles of wine to everyone in traffic and fORGOT ME

I'm the only person in my family who owns a cat

Work said if we get a canvas print of our pet they'll hang it in the conference room and I can't decide if I should use a good picture or this

Thistle is lying on top of my couch cushions with all his limbs draped towards me but if I accidentally touch one he swats at me and glares

Me: I should eat fewer carbs than I do

Also me: googles how to start a bread baking hobby

I'm so bad at listening to podcasts cause its hard to actually process what they're saying when doing other stuff

I finally started listening to marielda and I think this may be my favorite of the campaigns so far

I try to play with thistle but he refuses to play along with anything I initiate. Yet five minutes later he's attacking my feet because he's bored. ???? Thistle ????

I've decided that this is made worse by the author constantly cutting between scenes. We only really get to see important things happen through the characters povs and you aren't really connecting with the actual character at all

Every time they come back up I'm like. Idk which one this was. They're boring men with fantasy names and no defining characteristics. I remember who the elderly man is and the one dude who isn't near any of the other dudes.

I'm 30% of the way into this book and still have no idea who half these characters are

Also I hate taking time off work to do nothing cause all I can think about is things getting missed / the work my coworker is doing that should be mine. But they don't pay out untaken time off...

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