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It has some really interesting magical elements but the writing is shaky at best and the "greater plot" that randomly crops up between some enemy countries is duuuuuuuuuuuumbbbbbbbbbbb

I spent half of today reading a book that is simultaneously very good and completely awful, and as I approach the end I /still/ don't know how to feel

I've also got a potential new temp job lined up that will be mildly better than my current one, but starting yet another temp job just makes me feel more shitty...

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Mmm turns out its really lonely to be in an apartment by yourself for a week 😩

My Wii u still can't read my copy of botw and I am crushed. I was hoping it'd magically work ; _ ;

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Pulls a blanket out of the laundry

"This is nice."

Two seconds later

"I am ready to electrocute everyone I've ever touched"

I was watching Samurai Gourmet on netflix while I was working and I'm pretty sure that show is the most precious thing I've ever seen. Just 12 episodes of an old man really enjoying food. ; ;

Today I did 1) all the laundry, including blankets 2) cleaned the bathroom 3) cleaned everything else but the floor 4) finished 1.5 commissions 5) applied for more jobs

i bought myself pizza

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sadly realizes i would rather see a torrent of ads than memes my friends post

what does facebook show you if you unfollow every friend?

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Every person here is like, Extreme Fancy, and then there are some dudes in sport jackets

Super early to an interview so I'm sitting in the lobby hoping none of the people walking into the building are going to be interviewing me. ✌

The good news is I will never have to do these LMAO

Sometimes at work I QA translated tax forms for extremely rich people and they are always a little overwhelming

It smells like something is horribly burning, so I guess the neighbors turned their heater on

I kicked a puddle coming into work today and I was wearing flats, so my entire leg is soaked from the knee down ; _ ;