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even though I already adopted a cat I keep looking at the shelter listings and look at this sexy boy

Our department got a vaguely irritating email toward the end of the day today and as I was logging off I saw my boss log in and... She also totally ignored it lmao

Do you think anyone would comment if I brought my sketchbook to work during downtime...

Baby confused by the air coming out of the dehumidifier

I see why they wouldnt but i wish you could see who people follow on pillowfort because I want to find friends ; ;

Omg I joined the really active cat community on pillowfort and they've been the entire timeline for a week

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Thistle was a good and calm son the entire time I cooked AND ate today so I'm worried he's sick

I like my cat. I like cute dangly earrings. This is the worst combination in the world

I actually want to scrub the outside of the sill at some point but idk how I'm gonna do that without having a cat trying to fall to his death

I opened the window like half an inch because it was getting stuffy and now thistle is desperately trying to find a way through the crack

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Idk how but suddenly mamma mia is on my TV so I have no choice

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