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I need to figure out how to like my art again

I drew something today but then didn't post it anywhere because I decided it was too boring. A common problem

I've got a date tomorrow morning and and was like "man I hope they're not a weirdo" and then immediately clicked on my private twitter with its old man header

I'm the weirdo

@cutewitchirl I am fighting a permanent battle with my windowsill, which is perpetually dirty because I can't close the window for even a second without the apartment becoming hot as sin

I can already tell I'm going to be wiped the fuck out this whole weekend and its so hot I'm lying under the ceiling fan and not moving until bed

I'm still super crushed that the person who wrote me a cute getting to know you quiz never really responded after I answered it ;,;

@cutewitchirl the same thing happens on other apps but at least those don't have a 'gotta send a message' time crunch lol

Bumble is the cutest dating app IMO but I also hate it the most as a lady looking for dudes cause they definitely all swipe right on everyone and then wait until you message them to look at your profile, and I've wasted so much time sending messages into abyss

Thinking about Portland's baseball team, the Portland pickles, and how I wish I liked baseball because I can rly get behind that stupid mascot

god, i started talking to someone who has to actually use their brain at work and i feel like a total dumbass in these conversations cause i don't remember specifics about like anything anymore.

how quickly you become an idiot when you leave school...........

I got a tattoo today!! I can't wait for it to heal so I can take a picture that isn't blurry lol

how do you get better at thinking of ideas that arent like, nothing

I think my art is super boring, so every time I sit down to draw something I just like don't want to finish it

If anyone ever sees an excessively large, orb Eeyore plushie. Hook me up

I made a mistake.

I thought, what if poochy was in Mario tennis instead of chain chomp and then I googled poochy's cute face and then I watched a video advertising the poochy amiibo and now I need ten

All of the researchers in monster hunter are precious little old men and I want to hug all of them

My middle aged mom coworker has her email font set to papyrus

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Cute boi and I watched a super good looking sundae get made at this diner and then the waitress delivered it to the happiest old man I've ever seen