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If anyone ever sees an excessively large, orb Eeyore plushie. Hook me up

I made a mistake.

I thought, what if poochy was in Mario tennis instead of chain chomp and then I googled poochy's cute face and then I watched a video advertising the poochy amiibo and now I need ten

"Try this leftover fry it tastes weird"

It was the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten

I can't wait for march to end so I'll be Officially Employed and not in the probationary period anymore. I'm always so nervous I'm going to get booted until it's confirmed

I caught a mistake at work, which is nice, BUT IT'S ALSO PARTLY MY FAULT which is less nice

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God I'm like fed up with everyone today

All of the researchers in monster hunter are precious little old men and I want to hug all of them

My middle aged mom coworker has her email font set to papyrus

The Wheel of Time series feels a bit weird to read because all of the women are the best and most fleshed out characters by far but they're also all written with an obvious male gaze

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I am reborn tonight after seeing this

Cute boi and I watched a super good looking sundae get made at this diner and then the waitress delivered it to the happiest old man I've ever seen

Man I thought everyone was exaggerating about mass effect Andromeda but it turns out no, no it really is like that

I doodled Link on a piece of paper at work and then I instantly turned like 6 years old again

Every time one of those "let auto complete finish this sentence!" memes comes around I try it but my auto complete only ever turns into New York somehow

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Yesterday I played a little bit of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided but I found out that despite being able to lift both coffee cups and trash cans, you aren't allowed to put coffee cups /in/ trash cans, and then I quit playing