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I asked thistle if I take good care of him and he licked my nose. I hope that's a yes

Listening to Winter in Heiron episodes at work and definitely just said "Austin you little shit" to myself out loud

Thistle wakes me up every morning at 7 to feed him. I'm very firm about not getting out of bed if he comes in any earlier, but lately he has been coming in at 6:30-6:50 every day and I'm losing my mind over the loss of sleep while I battle him attacking my stuff to convince me to get up sooner.

I'd like to take care of a small plant next but idk what could possibly grow in my dark-ass apartment

I feel a little bit better lately since I started new baking's nice to be able to make stuff even if it doesn't always come out right.

I made a new Instagram @ cutewitchirl if anyone wants to follow for thistle and bread pics

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@hugbox I just saw your news and I'm really happy for you!!!

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Also I ordered some supplies to try making candles and the box smells amazing so I'm hopeful about this idea

I started drawing myself a bath and then picked up thistle for cuddles and he freaked out thinking I was gonna bathe him

My sister wants me to move up to NY with her in the next year+ and I'm very tempted because I'm very lonely in Portland but also I'm a little nervous to move somewhere even more expensive. And idk if my job will let me take it with me

He hates it SO MUCH. I tried to put it in his crate and cover it with a blanket so he didn't know, but he knew.

I put the bed thistle hates at the edge of the thing he usually uses to jump to the Forbidden Counter and he totally bailed as soon as he saw it.

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