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Hey, I'm Carli. I like to come here and unabashedly scream into the void every once in a while. I'm in my 30's and hail from the great Canadian badlands where I currently spend my days lamenting my woes - or something!

I'm childfree (sterilized), atheist (but LOVE watching old man docs where they try to find biblical crap), and Rush is my favorite band.

I'm not into NSFW/lewd content or bot accounts though, so please don't traumatize me with your unexpected nudity, lol.

On the final leg of this... finally and with 3 days to spare!

You know what? I'm saying it. Sonata Arctica is a good band.

I'm gonna drop my terrible twitter account on here if any of you use the awful, awful site. I mostly make fun of old comics and swear a lot.

I've been posting more on twitter and that needs to change!

Watching Chernobyl because I feel like laying awake all night feeling DREAD.

I can't get my character on BDO to have a normal looking ass.

A little nervous about not seeing any money for this commission yet. Best case? I get paid and don't have to hold the finished piece hostage. Worst case? Another portfolio piece at least and somebody is getting IRL STABBED.

Selfie, lazy eye contact 

Drug and pain talk 

Woke up (well couldn't sleep really) to extreme nerve pain in my hands and feet. Turns out summer/hot temperatures can exacerbate symptoms. GREAT! At least I'm prepared this time around. My poor little sausage hands.

First real go at the painting part is done for tonight. I'll sleep and then look at it with fresh, criticizing eyes, haha. I showed a sneak preview to the guy who's commissioning me and he was stoked so phew and also yay!

Ok, those wings are REALLY not sitting well with me oh my god.

Fleshed out some decent progress on the book cover tonight. Watched Handmaid's Tale and ate some really gross chicken wings that aren't sitting well with me. Trying to decide if I should go to bed early, listen to a podcast, or watch another episode.

It can be 400 degrees outside and I'm still gonna go to Tim Hortons for steeped tea.

Good Omens spoiler, possibly. 

I feel bad sending preliminary sketches to people because they're DISGUSTING and messy and I usually have to send an accompanying paragraph/diagram of what the hell is going on and why.

I have a borderline embarrassing amount of "A cappella" music on my Spotify.

Wait, I'm NOT embarrassed AT ALL. THAT WAS A LIE. This is lit, yo.

Keanu Reeves has risen from his park bench, like a phoenix from the ashes.

Moral of the story? Watermark everything. Get payment first. Threaten your client with knife and sword emojis throughout the process 🔪 🗡️

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