I had one (1) creative writing assignment in my entire four years of high school. It was in 11th grade *honors* English. I wrote a 26-page (double spaced, single-sided) story. My teacher took one look at the print-out and said "I'm not reading that. It's too long. Do it over."
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Let’s hear some shitty teacher stories, go off


This same woman, at the end of the year, said "I'm not recommending you for AP English" even though I had the third-best average in the class, and I laughed at her and said, "I wasn't going to take it anyway."

I've written nine novels and published five. She can kiss my ass.

Wait I'm not done: I was the ONLY kid in that class who wrote more than 4 pages. I understand that teachers are overburdened. Truly. But you're teaching HONORS ENGLISH to 11th graders, and you can't read the short story from the one kid who was actually excited to write it?

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If it had been one of her pets, she'd not only have found the time to read it, she'd have praised the extra effort in front of the entire class.

It's been twenty-six years and I'm still like _actively_ pissed off about this. 🤣

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I trimmed the story down to nine pages, and--to her credit--she gave me an A. But she also commented that the plot moved really fast and was kind of ambitious for a work of that length, and I mean …


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