This is in Detroit, on top of the base of where a Columbus statue once stood.

Bozhoo, family. Bozhoo.

@cwdolunt Yes solarpunk, but also not just that. We can dream of a future that's beautiful in a million ways, there's no need to pick just one


As a child, Trump went to the church of Norman Vincent Peale, and that explains 95% of his behavior.

* Why ignore the virus? Positive thinking
* Why never admit to being wrong? Positive thinking
* Why say everything you do is the greatest? Positive thinking
* Why say things you know aren't true? Positive thinking
* Why be a racist? Yes, positive thinking (if "they" are having trouble, "they" are not thinking positive).

dankwraiths law: as boosts increase linearly, the odds of getting a stupid reply increase exponentially

The wizened immortal descends from the celestial temple, feet not even deigning to touch the filthy and debased earth. Radiant with divine light, the perfect sage delivers unto the people a message in their hour of greatest need: "A person can do good things sometimes, but they can also do bad things sometimes." The heavenly saint then ascends back up to the heavens to await the next hour of need.

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“Why dont they just report it to the police?”

‪Tried making a programming language

‪Accidentally made a worse JavaScript‬

More importantly, my wife wouldn't agree to store her data on the server unless it was running on a desktop, and I had a clear plan for backups and migrations.

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Teaching my kids to use personal kanban boards to organize their homework.

Finally moved my NextCloud installation from a Raspberry Pi to a proper desktop box so I could use OnlyOffice community server.


funny how

...misdemeanor bails are being set at $0 across the board in some cities/counties
...prisoners are being released early to decrease jail and prison crowding
...people without a place to live are being housed
...people without insurance are being given medical care
...debts are being deferred or forgiven
...programs for social support are being enacted, in mere weeks no less

and there's not rampant pillaging and crime, there's not a sudden new wave of folks choosing to live on the street to get free shelter from the state, people aren't quitting their jobs to soak up the meager benefits set aside for our worst off...

it's almost like it was all bullshit to ever do otherwise 🤷

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