im cweepy on berries but all i can think of now is the berries guy from vine

philosophy is really as surreal as it seems, because in my neuropsychology class during the philosophy unit, i led the debate on whether or not it was possible that trees had souls and were part of the lifeforce of the universe

mom: promise me youll act fucking normal today
me: *fingers crossed behind my back* ok

drink blood! eat bones! then ur skeleton can finally Hatch

when it comes to technology i'm like a 60 year old midwestern man who finally made a facebook account in 2018

i spent half my bank account on cosplay.. im a bad little goblin

i try to go have a fun night on the town but everyone runs away because im known as the guy that tried to take over the world and implement total anarchy

laito shouldnt take off that fedora i cant stand his bald head

she took me homunculus flesh puppet in the divorce

fellow goths: you ever not get skin cancer just to flex on people with tans

[scene: you’re a mouse, I’m a giant catboy]
Hewwo! Hewwo there! *swallows you whole*

i was brought into existence by Chernobyl

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