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This is the kind of news we need right now-

Forced by shortages to sell chipless ink cartridges, Canon tells customers how to bypass DRM warnings | Boing Boing

When life(friend) gives you lemons(too many dumpster dived limes)

✨The moment when you recognize the name of a guest in one of your favorite podcasts ✨

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Wrote a new newsletter about misinformation, land stewardship, interdependence, and citation rabbit holes, including an image of dish towels my sister bought for me as a birthday present

Canal Swans #15 - Misinformation

I have a lasting love for anything written or said by UKLG and this book might be my favorite 🌀

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Europe is more forested & biodiverse now than 100 years ago. Good news? Two bad implications:
1–ecological devastation is merely outsourced to imperialized countries allowing European ecologies to recover;
2–an ecological society has always been possible and it is denied to us.

I don’t paint too often since it’s difficult to find fully vegan colors and supplies, and apparently the environmental impact of paint is bigger than you would expect. But color feels good to me and I cherish the times when I can experiment with it.

Art found in Milan last summer. Do tag if you know the artists. This one is called “Soma”

Found in my home, hoping they’ll merge into something beautiful soon.

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"She told me that she didn’t call herself an anarchist because she didn’t feel that she deserved to—she didn’t do enough. I asked her if it was OK for us to call her one. She said she’d be honored."

Happy birthday, Ursula Le Guin.

I dearly miss hanging out with my friend’s roomies in Berlin. One slept on me the whole time, the other attempted to wake the first one up, then joined.

Hi. I accidentally nuked my MacBook today, starting fresh I guess.

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I’ve taken to exploring VQGAN+CLIP, text to image generation with machine learning.


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