@fedilab@toot.fedilab.app , Android 11 support when?

I also want you to consider that her "leave a little feedback" thing is apparently code for "go my army, attack (such and such)".

And that, recently, she apologized and people, even notable people who are streamers or her friends, are white knighting her saying "naw gurl, you didn't do nothing wrong boo", which is not what a friend should do because that just enables the behavior that caused this drama in the first place.

So yeah, what's your argument for me to want to respect her?

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Criticized others' work for not being 'transformative' enough when her own content isn't that hard to replicate
Said the N word

And so on?

Please, do convince me why I should respect her.

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Regarding the situation with :

Why should I respect a woman who:

Copyright striked and compilation channels (latter shouldn't be able to monetize, period)
Silenced criticism - her and mods included
Makes apologies that seem to only come out when she gets called out for something
Made lose a sponsorship
Made Twitter suspend a person's account despite no rules being broken

Adding on to this, use Aegis. You can export your 2FA keys as a file and save it somewhere.

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For Christmas, give yourself the gift of KeePass2XC. Seriously, your future self will thank you.

So, got myself a TransferWise account, Curve, Revolut, Monese and N26. Oh boy, my wallet will have many cards, huh.

Hate that the Fedilab dev went 'plz pay me app to get it' when it was free, previously.

Tox, Briar, XMPP, Signal, Jami (Locked out, asked for deletion of account) and Riot (had an account but they got better!).

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I expanded my privacy focused social presence. What do you think?

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