Enigma - Return to Innocence

Goosebumps even after decades

Great people of the apartment we live in, have trimmed down trees by leaving only the base trunk intact.

Indians banning apps, while using Chinese-manufactured phones, TVs, laptops, fridges, ACs, car components, clothes, earphones, chargers, ovens, and practically everything of comfort.

Oh, we sure showed them!

When millions of prayers from every religion world wide don't stop millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of deaths, even the most hidebound occasionally get a clue.



Wife's old work laptop started making crazy noises, noticed a bulge on the trackpad and I opened it. Battery was swollen. She requested a new laptop.

A recent i5, 16GB of RAM and a SSD....

FOR OUTLOOK?!@# I'm enraged.

Fidgeting with 3D modeling after more than a decade.

Blender, attempt 1...

I dislike quite a few
YouTube channels but I think the worst, irresponsible, brainwashing is be seen here youtube.com/user/Abhidheya09/v

India lifts the Hydroxychloroquine export ban. Funny it's lifted justwhen WHO announced, it's all smoke. All trials on it ended.

Modiji was very happily exporting this stuff to our allies a while back.

Meanwhile, local authorities and politicians are giving homeopathy handouts.

The local authorties have apparently sent this around. The security guard gave this to me and every other apartment, along with strict instructions on how these are to be taken, to fight COVID-19.

This is homeopathy.


Schitt's Creek is one of the nicest shows of late. Really fun, easy characters who show their softer side through the seasons. Finished Season 5, series finale season time :(

Windows is such a pain. Runs perfectly fine but refuses to update because of my multi boot setup.

Don't worry. Summer will come and Covid will go.

Where are those retards?

It rained well enough this evening. It's nice and cool now, and I'm no longer sweating. Feels good.

Malls, Restaurants, Places Of Worship Can Open Starting June 8.


Have ignored Pidgin. Got it running.

God, the number of plugins, I can IRC, Matrix, Steam, Discord and more through it.


Been running Fedora full time on the PC. Booted into Windows after more than 10 days to update it, and some games.

Hot day in Mumbai (38C), but the humidity is way down. It's so much more comfortable like this than it is 5C cooler with 70-80% humidity.

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