Always fascinated to know Rivers Cuomo, lead singer and guitarist for Weezer has recently learnt coding.

He published Spotnik two days ago, Python code that generates a Spotify playlist of random songs from public playlists every morning at 2am.

Looks like my employer is going to be holding back my salary this month on, since I haven't given in to getting the government's surveillance ID.

Only in this version of this vehement, right-wing India.

Thank you, Modiji.

Trevor Strnad, vocalist of the band, The Black Dahlia Murder died at 41. That's just depressing.

I am a major user of mind mapping software, and I miss Blumind. It doesn't seem to run on my work laptop anymore. 800kB and it does everything you need, and looks infinitely better than Freemind.

I have starting an electric toothbrush. I find that I'm quicker to get done with the task, and I think it does a great job. It's perfect for idiots like me, who are slow to get going when I wake up.

Moon Knight ep 4 and 5 were better than the season finale.

Ozark ended terribly too. They should've ended it at the mid-season break.

Severance IMO has been the best TV shows of late.

Looks like Fedora 35 craps itself if you run NVIDIA hardware and install today's 5.17.5 kernel update. Good thing I still have 5.17.4.

Wonder if I should start posting short blog posts using Hugo or use Gemini.

Controversial view I'm sure, but I regard Elon Musk to be more constructive than say, Mark or Jack. There is barely any good that came out of FB and Twitter, in comparison to all of Elon's ventures. I almost feel like giving him some credit for Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX. The achievements in their fields are pretty extraordinary.

Not expecting him to turn Twitter around, but just maybe improve it a tad bit?

Sometimes I feel he says things just to 'trigger' people to trend, but I ignore most of it.

Archspire's Drone Corpse Aviator has been my earbug since the day it showed up.

Enigma - Return to Innocence

Goosebumps even after decades

Great people of the apartment we live in, have trimmed down trees by leaving only the base trunk intact.

Indians banning apps, while using Chinese-manufactured phones, TVs, laptops, fridges, ACs, car components, clothes, earphones, chargers, ovens, and practically everything of comfort.

Oh, we sure showed them!

When millions of prayers from every religion world wide don't stop millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of deaths, even the most hidebound occasionally get a clue.


Wife's old work laptop started making crazy noises, noticed a bulge on the trackpad and I opened it. Battery was swollen. She requested a new laptop.

A recent i5, 16GB of RAM and a SSD....

FOR OUTLOOK?!@# I'm enraged.

Fidgeting with 3D modeling after more than a decade.

Blender, attempt 1...

I dislike quite a few
YouTube channels but I think the worst, irresponsible, brainwashing is be seen here

India lifts the Hydroxychloroquine export ban. Funny it's lifted justwhen WHO announced, it's all smoke. All trials on it ended.

Modiji was very happily exporting this stuff to our allies a while back.

Meanwhile, local authorities and politicians are giving homeopathy handouts.

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