Broke: Instagramming with your Macbook from Starbucks

Woke: Shitposting on the fediverse with your ThinkPad from that one obscure coffee place nobody goes to

Today's xkcd comic is about Python... and a little bit about me.

Granted I don't have Anaconda... at least not yet.

New blog post about something that happened to me this morning.

It's Not About You, It's About Your Ads.

(Pictured: A rare look at the inside of an ad network's data centre.)

New blog post, new pages, and new music! (Well, the music isn't new, but I think it'll be new to you.)

A listener emailed me a while back asking for a catalogue of music used on the show, and maybe a catalogue of some of my own music as well.

Okay then:

Listening to Episode 1 of Cyberpunk Librarian - The Open Source Writer.

Found this through #Knightwise

Today I learned about a social network site called Curious Cat where it looks a bit like Mastodon, but people can ask you questions and then you answer them right there in your timeline.

You know, just like you can do here on Mastodon.


OverDrive is going to be offering digital magazines to libraries. Because with RBDigital, PressReader, and Flipster; the thing libraries need right now is...

Another digital magazine service?


Found this picture on Tumblr. Vapourwave/Outrun style imagery aside, I seriously want few things more than a video game controller with the solo jazz design emblazoned across it.

I've reached a point in my life that, when I see a person who's been heavily inspirational/influential to me featured in a headline, my heart skips a beat because OH FUCK DID THEY DIE?

In Fortnight, apparently you can avoid being such an easy target by jumping. So people are jumping, like, all the time.

While trying to shoot each other.

So an acceptable strategy is to act like a fucking coked up rabbit with a gun.

Yeah, I’m glad I don’t play this one.

Ways I troll my kids:

They’re playing some kinda war game on the Xbox One; I’m in the background singing Vietnam era protest songs.

"where's my flying car?!?!"

"it's called a plane"

"that isn't the same!"

"well you can get a pilot's license and charter a plane"

"I should be able to drive one on a driver's license, except maybe with some competency test"

"you reinvented the pilot's license from first principles"

If we were to push for a campaign of switching to Duck Duck Go, could we have a hashtag like ?

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