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Retweeting myself, surprisingly not out of vanity.

RT As an ADHD:

* Focus on the positive sides of ADHD: you have a natural skill at information perception. It gets funny and funky when everyone thinks you're an airhead, but suddenly you surprise them because you notice a REALLY SMALL DETAIL like WEEKS AGO


That hostess is not helping and I adore her for it.


ME: We should get some food.
COUSIN: Oh I’m sure you must be hungry.
ME: No, I’ve been drinking. If I don’t get some food I’ll start telling people about hyena genitals.
HOSTESS: The females have pseudopenises!


Why can't my brain *ever* stop.

It's extremely distracting.

Screw it.

Base Pop_OS on Fedora instead of Ubuntu.

Or provide a copr and a preload variation.

Or something.


But by the fates



There was a guy back at the UCLA arcade when I went there who, while playing any SamSho game, if he ever did a punishable move that was blocked and he knew he was dead, he would immediately scream out, “SAMURAI NEVER FEAR DEATH!” even before getting KO’ed. It was... pretty wild.



i saw a tweet going around of someone complaining about $50 for a commission, and that some artists don't "deserve" it. I made this as a response, but they deleted the tweet. 🤧 oh well, it can go here!


Still 👏 gonna 👏 move 👏 to 👏 System76 Pop_OS 👏 or 👏 RHELGaming 👏 if 👏 that 👏 becomes 👏 a 👏 thing 👏

You had your chance, Canonical.

The artistic stuff I come up with and engineer to make do because I was too afraid of Vulkan 3 years ago to go with the better Graphics language.

Kinda proud tbh

This one is for the Pop_OS System Tray Homies.

sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool gnome-shell-extension-appindicator

Aside from a keyboard derpsplosion in the Pop_OS installer (oi and my dock icons missing, this basic install of's 19.04-based system is actually pretty dope.

(on a still-somehow-running G55vw with SSDs up the wazoo)

Here's an odd idea.

An option for minis, as well as better-ventilated Thelios, with GTX16xx GPUs or intel+vega: a SteamOS preload.

To ride on Cano being dumb, Linux Gaming being in the news, and providing nerds with one stable option to get a Steambox.


Did my classes on RedHat. Seems fitting I'd come back home after Canonical fails me.

- happens
- Gamers spot a really bad regression that kills Steam
- happens THE SAME DAY

On one side, yeah, the regression shouldn't have happened.

On the other?

Yall have to agree the patch-to-release time is absolutely amazing.

Putting money where my mouf is: ordered new SSD and NVMe-to-USB3 to "installstrap" two new live systems (Ubuntu and RHELDora) onto the new drive, then shoving that in.

That way I can keep doing my current good work and just switch over when I'm done with Cano's tantrum.

I want an Gaming Linux (but we can't call it RHGL because it'd be confusing)

It could very well be either a Community or Yearly-fee-supported Consumer (License) that would be optimized for gaming, with involvement

This would be interesting!

I guess I'm installing RHEL.


Ubuntu 19.10 and future releases will not be officially supported by Steam or recommended to our users. We will evaluate ways to minimize breakage for existing users, but will also switch our focus to a different distribution, currently TBD.


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