@kemonine soooooooo

is there a docker container for OpenWRT

Because I'm dumb enough to order smile.amazon.com/dp/B002B8CJVC, shove it on my Jetson TX1, and run a fucking Tegra dev board AS A ROUTER


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@cybik I've never seen/heard of someone getting OpenWRT working behind docker or any other router focused distro for that matter


You could drop lxc/lxd onto an OpenWRT base and setup the jetson as a router itself with OpenWRT I bet

@kemonine but I kinda really want to retask my Jetson as both the net front and the router itself, yet still be able to use everything that OpenWRT is building/compiling/doing/etcing.

I'm really fucking dumb aren't I.

@cybik Not specifically....

I've deployed openwrt on arm boards as routers myself

and access points

and more

but I've never seen someone get openwrt working in a container (even their wiki/docs have a half finished attempt and notes)

then again if openwrt is just for the

@kemonine so instead of being dumb i'm being myself.

Pretty sure that's worse.

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