I'm so bad at tasting the seasoning of my dishes... I always forget to add them.

Bonus points for making stuffed pepper and during the stuffing process I remember.

#cooking social.targaryen.house/media/W

Just to relieve pressure from the official support:
Does anyone have a clue how I can maybe block accounts from an entire instance? (If it's not possible yet, I think that would be a great idea.)

But I looked sexy as hell while saying it. :shrug_tone4: :nail_care_tone4:

It's 12am and I wanna go to bed because I think I fucked up this job interview, with saying things like "I'm more inclined to programming"

Oof ppl told me to just be myself at the job interview.
Me at the job interview: *anxious* I don't want responsibility *more anxious* I want a fuckton of money. *anxious explosion*

You can follow my account on social.targaryen.house if you want.

Visibility of your and my toots cross-federation is still confusing me, but whelp.

I'll be parallel-tooting for a period.


Will I regeret migrating to social.targaryen.house later? It seems so enticing now /o\

First thing I love to do after the hairdresser expensively straightened my hair: Driving around on my bicycle when rain is expected soon.

This article about gay marriage from a database engineering perspective escalates preeetty quickly.
Quote: "Final thought
The real crime is that I'm not allowed to marry my database."

A great read: qntm.org/gay

If you want to find your Twitter Friends, or allow them to find you, there's a Mastodon Twitter bridge. It's not pretty but it works with any Mastodon instance


Next lecturer talking about including people.
Starts off with a Bertolt Brecht quote about wording. :thumbsup_tone4:

Ugh, lecturer talks about in like "but there exists a hardcore group of girls who like to play first person shooters"

Oh god, one person really liked my short article explaining (Interaction) Design, HCI, UX, Usability and Design Fails O_____O
I think I just exploded~~~

Pic description: Screenshot of a feedback box in German: "What do you like about my article, how can I improve it?
Answer: Your article is just wonderful. It has a good structure and you connected it to Aurora, which I think is a great idea.[...]"

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