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Mulder, 'I have a reputation?'

Aight I am probably going to perm move to my .scholar account.
so it's nerd shit and jokes.

I keep saying I'll migrate permanently to .scholar but I'm a coward

What is a healthy work life balance cause me going into my office to do research while sick is probably not that

O look I woke up and now I am coughing up my lungs.

x files reminding me to be afraid of spontaneous combustion per usual

Zack Bananas has the slowest voice. He makes me feel drunk

man I wish I was good at validating myself - validate me plz

Zack Bagels from Ghost Talking is my favorite ghost whisperer sorry Jenny Hewitt

pandora has finally realized the music I like - gregorian monk chanting and mid 2000s indie

the best thing about being in your late twenties is that you still crave validation but you're also sleepy

ben shapiro absolutely ANNIHILATES chipotle worker who JUST WANTS TO KNOW whether he wants SOUR CREAM or not

boosting on this site is a literal verb. if you boost this i WILL stand on your shoulders and you must support my weight

Hanukkah rules. I've eaten so much fucking challah I can't even.

there's this guy who goes to early ass church with me, and always has two Trader Joe's OR Whole Foods bags. always two. never shares.

shit my friends and I have been celebrating our favorite leftist birthdays and we fucking forgot that today is Kropotkin's birthday.

Kropotkin the papa of anarcho-communism with that bigass beard

I'm ready to take naps and take names for people who will buy me coffee

ok y'all I need reqs for poc superhero comics to get for an 8 year old

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