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"Power is a two-edged sword."

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Hey, Fediverse! I wrote a thing called “Lanan”! I’d really appreciate it if you read it and gave me some feedback.

just realized the battlestar galactica boardgame is just a overly complicated game of werewolf

good night pals i am done cursing all of your timelines for now (selfie, eye contact)

do subs actually like kinkshaming post toot

gamagoori is my favorite klk character tbh. every time i try to reconcile a different character as my fave gamagoori just reminds me he's the best anyway

i forgot how much everyone yells in kill la kill

are they all deaf

fun fact the third line is unchanged from the song i'm ganking the melody from

had to fix a spelling error lol

🎵 Masto-don, the social network
the more you use the more you toot
the more you toot the better you feel
so post on masto ev'ry day🎵

my current and usual energy is "deadpan, but still crazy"

it's ture: i unironically love Shadow the Hedgehog's Bizarre Adventure

also i am now officially on kill la kill bullshit after posting that joke mixing up tristram shandy and kill la kill

way to fucking no sell the heel, ryuko

man goku uniforms are such a cool concept, it's a shame they get discarded in favor of the titty uniforms

realtalk: the opening scene for klk is one of my favorite openings in anime

it does such a good job of setting up the world and what the current overall mood is

anybody else remember the part from klk where they go on about hobby horses in the middle of talking about a small town midwife from the 1700s

me: i should start/rewatch a thing

also me: what if i do that for multiple things

digital copies of games should be cheaper than physical copies.

there i said it.