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Hey, Fediverse! I wrote a thing called “Lanan”! I’d really appreciate it if you read it and gave me some feedback.

concept: bark mode. it’s like dark mode, but with dogs

How did all the enemy Stand user communicate with each other? Was there a DIOBBS or something

Jotaro “Beats the Shit Out of Sharks” Kujo

I love how personal the story for Stardust Crusaders is. Save Mom is much better than the standard ‘save the world’ story.

Jotaro “I’m Going to School Today, This Time I Mean It (No I Don’t)” Kujo

Something important I just realized is that Kakyoin’s Ends Justify the Means Speech has almost nothing ti do with him, but everything to do with Dio, and how he views the world.

That nib should be bending like fuck rn

I may have to hand it to Jojo’s for getting me hooked on Roundabout, which brought to prog-rock and proto metal.

Avdol is the best part 3 character. Hands down

Jotaro “Make Myself Deaf to Prove a Point” Kujo

avogadro’s number is a thing but what about avocado’s number

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I really like Mastodon cos you can call Elon Musk a cockhole and since you’re right, nobody will try to prove you wrong.

Nobody who defends meritocracy knows what they're talking about. If you are skilled at something, that should be good enough. There's no need to introduce authority into it, especially with existing forms of privilege, and especially when it excludes people who are disadvantaged by definition.

How to spot an olde-time Internet user:

Look for the people who still use :) :( :/ etc.

delicious london fog (selfie, eye contact)

went for a sunday drive and ended up near dunwoody lmao

homestar is short for homestuck centaur