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Hey, Fediverse! I wrote a thing called “Lanan”! I’d really appreciate it if you read it and gave me some feedback.

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listening in this order:
Master of Reality - Black Sabbath
Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
Murder of the Universe - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
"Awaken, My Love!" - Childish Gambino
Radio Silence - Talib Kweli
Flower Boy - Tyler, The Creator
Run the Jewels 3 - Run the Jewels
Will to Power - Arch Enemy
Starboy - The Weekend
Madvillainy - Madvillain

just to clear a few things up, i support & am a big fan of both the pokemon pikachu (left) AND pichu (right)

That head bumping thing cats do when you hold your hand out to them.

Boost if you agree.

food ment. Show more

There are only 599 genders. If you collect them all, you can trade them in for a PS3.

gonna have to recommend everyone listens to Alien Boy EP by Oliver Tree.

more new music late at night. Started out with Playing Chess by Elise LeGrow, a fantastic little Jazz album

there's so much new music that looks interesting this week. i'm hyped already listened to Kyoto by Tyga and am listening to Drank by Thundercat now, both good stuff

every holiday is halloween deep down inside

*fuck you, baltimore! plays until the channel goes off air*

is shitposting the great equalizer? find out more after this commercial break...

hey real quick dedicated servers are the best and you can’t convince me otherwise

Hey I found a gaming meme in favour of decentralization

Today's Japanese line up:
Namiki Nippon art Origami Crane
Sailor 1911 Large
Platinum century #3776 Bourgogne

i'm just gonna leave this right here. looking for suggestions but i haven't actually played it yet

i had fun. I git there in time to see Erra, Born of Osiris, abd August Burns Red, all of whom rocked the house. Ocean Grove was also there, but alas, I did not get there in time to see them.