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i wonder if it's possible to build a computer that can run modern software but has all proprietary/single use device ports

i had to get at least one jab in against the people that get worked up over WWII video games

me, watching a trailer for a video game in a setting that we have all apparently forgotten has been done to death in video games: this main character is unrealistic and doesn't conform to the genre conventions i demand this game strictly adheres to :ok_hand:

@ratwithscarf *prepares to post almos five hundred more times*

@ratwithscarf gonna have to put tape in a 'x' over my browser windows, eh?

me, six and a half years or so ago (selfie/eye contact, kinda)

tbh Sylveon learn Moonblast which has a fuckin dope animation so i might choose it based on that alone

i think by the end of my Ultra Moon playthru i want my team to be Decidueye/Mawile/Cap Pikachu/Mimikyu/Misdreavus

but idk about the final slot... considering either Noivern or Sylveon, but idk if you get a plot 'mon this game or not 🤔

alternate history where the broad strokes of 2000s internet history happened in the immediate aftermath of the vietnam war instead

imma keep it real wit u chief

i love minimalist design with solid colors and tasteful highlights

but i also love patterns n shit on things that make sense to be personalized like that

Phones, video game consoles, and other tech products look boring nowadays. Solid colors, no motifs, no crazy stuff. What happened to transparent plastic? To special NES editions? What if I want a Switch with this kind of pattern on its back?

small brain: Pokémon
human brain: Pokèmon
large brain: pokemen
galaxy brain: pocket monsters
universe brain: jocket (jean pocket) monsters
multiverse brain: Jokèmon (Jean Pokèmon)

just beat the electric totem with a burn after stalling with potions

tired: romanticism
wired: bromanticism

confession: i have no idea what citta is but im p sure it's just a website for gay anime roleplaying

anything can be fully automated if you're lazy enough

bruce “do these kids have licenses who cares take a fuckn motorcycle” wayne