I'm out, guys! It's been fun on .social but I'm moving shop to @CyclopsCaveman

be sure to follow me if you want to continue to see my bad toots toot all over the place

bout to import a follow list, sorry for the notif spam

@maloki i just verify myself as being as old as it’ll let me. yeah i was totally born january first, 1900

do you guys remember that one meme? that one really funny one from a few months back? haha no? well, uh, here’s the know your meme article about it, it was really funny. what do you mean it’s not funny? i guess you just had to be there...

yes hello, uh, dc comics? id like to, ah, talk to you about my new comic idea called, um, vape cape, it’s uh, it’s a-about a sup-

they hung up

@cjwyoming time to get people to start using 'fortnight' unironically

went to a cracker barrel once and the waitress showed me the portal to hell in the fireplace

@some_qualia sometimes people make dumb jokes, and if people very swiftly choose not to associate with those jokes anymore, that’s the end of it. as hurt as feelings might get, you just gotta drop it and move on, because obsessing over the reasons why or the person who chose not to associate with your humor just hurts you in the long run

and it doesn’t really matter what kind of instance you run in the first place anyway. if somebody doesn’t want your content to show up on their instance, even if it’s as benign as a cooking instance, they have every right to mute or block your instance, no ifs ands or buts

oh and fyi last toot is not me taking sides. i hate seeing this crap on my timeline over something that should have been dropped days ago. it’s clear nobody is gonna budge one way or the other on the bofa silencing so continuing this farce isn’t going to get anyone anywhere.

nobody owes anyone else even a shred of reason for muting and instance. it’s the admins sole discretion because mastodon gives them the power and the tools to decide what is and is not acceptable content for their instance

@secondary_world i think it’s just the same dumbass controversy that’s continuing to be drug out over the course of several days now.

poor ideas: bumpkin spice–food and drink made to taste like cigarette ash in light beer

friendly reminder tomorrow is the last day if the year you’re legally allowed to wear white in the united states

watching a harpist in concert right now. the phenomenal erin hill

impromptu decision time, rode into atlanta and it turns out it’s the last day if dragon con? hell yeah

RIP to all the toots that people half-typed and then deleted because they were garbage

@norikawa i’m biased cos i like the heat but that’s true af

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