Rainbow Six Siege is pretty fun after they bothered to polish the product. The microtransaction are still gross, though.

YouTube deleted my account for a week because of a false positive in their spam detection.

Had to go through a volunteer “flagger” to re-appeal it.

What an absolute dumbass platform.

Friends don’t let friends put their videos on platforms controlled by mercurial dumbasses.

And this is just for some inane videogame videos; guess this is the most important thing to police on the platform.

Ifyou ever wanted to edit videos entirely through scripting, I have a dope guide for AviSynth+ to get you started: cygnatus.com/guide/video-editi.

Also includes a down- and upsampling guide that gets the job done with a single function call.

Hardware Unboxed has a great video showing you just how much performance is bottlenecked by GPU: youtube.com/watch?v=dFwiDlmp1h.

tl;dr: At 1080p, with a GTX 1060 6GB or below, a newer CPU isn’t going to make much of a difference.

Even with a 1070, the difference between CPUs is often only a matter of 10 FPS.

So don’t always assume a new CPU will fix your performance issues when your GPU might be the bottleneck.

mastodon.social/media/YRKcfABO mastodon.social/media/pQndqk6I mastodon.social/media/rhB_EQNa

Tried my hand at adding a section on optimizing your videogames for video compression: cygnatus.com/guide/optimizatio.

Just updated my gigantic videogame optimization guide; there’s no way you won’t learn something new in there: cygnatus.com/guide/optimizatio.

Working on a really cool guide for Twitch streamers, one of the nerdiest and most useful yet.

Updated my aging Livestreamer guide with instructions for how to make mpv your fave Twitch stream YouTube player: cygnatus.com/guide/mpv/.

mpv deserves a lot more attention and love for what it can do with YouTube and other services.

GTA5 RP is blowing up. On Twitch, the community managed to raise CAD 26,000 ($19,000) for the most popular RPer … who happens to be a retired cop roleplaying as the server’s Trooper Eli Thompson.

The money is to help set him up as a bona fide Twitch streamer with hardware, studio, and everything, and it looks like he’ll be making some nice pocket change with $3.5 per subscription on top of the donation support and cut of the virtual Twitch currency called Bits.


If anyone wants to learn how to use Twitch and livestream with OBS Studio, hmu or check out my straightforward guides at cygnatus.com.

It’s not as difficult as the intimidating interface might suggest.


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